Desperate Dance

Bad news for Gordo this morning. The naive young boy who he'd hoped to trick into giving him a piggy-back all the way up the hill to the Premiership has decided that he might not want to do that.

Yes, Calamity Clegg has said that he may not want to ally with McBroon: apparently, he's as profoundly unimpressed with him and his woeful party as the rest of us

In an interview with the Daily Telegraph, the Boy Wonder criticises Labour's total lack of acheivement in the 13 long, looong years they've been inflicted upon us:

" I think Labour delivered fairness? No. Do I think the Labour Party in its heart has a faith in civil liberties? No. Do I think they’ve delivered political reform? No"

Exactly. So why does Cleggy think Brown is cosying up to him and the Lib Dems? Why has the Labour party manifesto been completely replaced with the single phrase "I agree with Nick"?

".. he is a desperate politician .. I just do not believe him .. They are clutching at straws.”

See, Gordon, even young Nick, barely out of short trousers, can see right through you. 'Desperate' is the very word.

The trouble is, all politicians, even Saint Nicolas of Clegg, are fundamentally 'desperate' for power. And this is Nick's only chance, literally.

With the polls pointing to a hung parliament, and with the current fucked-up electoral system meaning that Labour are likely to win the most seats, in spite of polling in 3rd place, opportunity knocks for Cleggy.

On the day after the general election, with Labour holding the most seats in a hung Parliament, what are you gonna do, Nick? You're going to let yourself be led gently into a quiet room in Westminster, and you're going to listen to a lot of lies about how marvellous you and your policies are, and how they'll all be adopted, if you'll just sign here, Mr Clegg.

You'll be promised a referendum on PR, you'll be guaranteed that Mansion Tax is brought in, you'll be offered a nice role in the Cabinet - Home Secretary, perhaps.

Then you'll step out into a press conference, where you'll announce that you and 'Gordon' have come up with a brilliant plan to guarantee us a glittering future, and to say how much you'll be looking forward to working with Prime Minister Brown.

Then we'll all know that, in spite of today's fine words, you're just like Brown, you're just like the rest:

Desperate and dishonest



Uncle Marvo said...

Said it all.

I think you're wrong about Clegg though. I think he wants the job but won't take it at ANY cost. I think he believes in what he stands for, misguided sack of shit that it is. Brown would sign a pact with the devil to become elected PM.

He is trying to prove something to someone. I don't know who. Surely everyone must know by now what hubris is.

That's News said...

Clegg has MPD, Multiple Principle Disorder.

He used to proudly declare himself an atheist, now he is sort of boosting Christian values.
'tis the top story.

Rod said...

And if one of the conditions of Lib Dem support for Labour is the immediate ditching of Brown (which it may be)...who would be the new PM? Surely not our old friend Harriet H? Bloody hell.

Jill said...

D'you know, I'm not sure about this - not saying Clegg isn't from the same species of horrid human that makes a politician; I'm sure he is.

But I truly think the Lib Dems are playing for this next parliament to last only until an electoral reform bill has been passed. I think they are hoping for 2x2010 elections. I can't see a pact with either of the other parties, frankly.

But then, I do talk shit.

Uncle Marvo said...


No shit there.

ALL political leaders and leaders-in-waiting have the problem. NONE are what they seem, they are machines controlled and run by huge corporations, banks and a media machine.

It has long been known that the first thing the Liberals would do is to make it possible for them to stay in more easily. Labour is the biggest beneficiary of the current carve up, where my vote doesn't count AT ALL, and where if less than a third of the country wants them, they get them.


Jill said...

@ Marvo

Well, we can certainly agree our much-vaunted, so-called democracy is really nothing more than a sham.


Dioclese said...

I find it fascinating that 49% of the electorate would vote for Clegg IF they thought he could win, but only 31% say they will vote for him.

That means that 18% of his own supporters don't think he can win.

But he would if you voted for him.

Someone once said to me "The voters aren't stupid you know" - well I think we are proving otherwise...

rb said...

Please no-one be under any illusion about Clegg. MEP then lobbyist, maxed out his expenses as an MP - the man's as much of a cunt as any of the others.