Labour: every day a new low

The election campaign rumbles on, with Labour becoming increasingly desperate to cling to power, so that they can continue with the work of the last 13 years: the comprehensive destruction of all that was once good about this poor nation.

So pathetically desperate have this tired, failing party become that they will now try literally anything to win over voters.

But surely, this is a new low: to deliberately target cancer sufferers, sending them scaremongering mailshots claiming that they'd be more likely to die under a Tory government? Yup: the lowest point not just of this campaign, but of any campaign, anywhere, ever.

Cards addressed to sufferers by name claim that a Labour 'guarantee' to see a cancer specialist within two weeks would be scrapped by the Tories. Maybe that's true, although very few Labour claims about the Tories - or indeed, about anything - turn out to be completely true. But even it is, do you actually write to cancer victims to scaremonger? How fucking desperate do you need to be to do that?

Labour have tried to wriggle out of the charges that the mailshots were aimed at cancer sufferers. Well, yeah, you would wouldn't you? Because otherwise you'd have to admit that you'd been misusing confidential data, and a Labour government would never do that, would they?

So, Labour would have us believe that the mailshots just happened to land on the doormats of cancer victims.

Yeah, right: a woman who had a potentially cancerous lump was the only person among 50 neighbours who received the mailshot. Another received the card a fortnight after undergoing surgery. In a group of eight friends, the two who received the leaflets were the two who had had cancer. Huge fucking coincidences, eh?

But it wasn't all perfectly targeted. One leaflet was sent to a woman who was not suffering from cancer - because she had already fucking died. Of breast cancer. Her husband must have been absolutely fucking delighted.

In a further, totally unsurprising, twist it appears that the 'real life' cancer sufferer, photographed and quoted in the leaflet, hadn't known she would be used by the Labour party for this nasty campaign. She believed her photograph had been taken for use in a magazine for the National Health Service. Labour lies to everyone, love, even cancer sufferers.

A un-named Labour spokesmen rushed to say how sorry .. no .. wait .. no, he fucking didn't. When asked to comment, the spokesman actually said:

"These leaflets highlight the Conservative party’s actual policies on cancer treatment.."

You fucking cynical scum. Let's hope you're next, eh?


Dippyness. said...

They are telling people they won't get treatment under a Tory government. Scare tactic.
One Labour supporter actually admitted that was the mesasge being sent out.
Worse still...How did they get these patients confidential information?
Beneath contempt!

Dave said...

If these utterly despicable wankers get in again, we need to find our own Lee Harvey Oswald ...

A Zimbo said...

And who the fuck broke the law with regard to privacy and data security by selling this data to those contemptible shotheads in Liebour? Where's the fucking police investigating the theft of medical records?

john miller said...

The fish rots from the head. If the head of Labour Party is a thieving, unhuman, dengenerate liar, what can you expect from the underlings?

carbchick said...

Scum. A cancerous pox on them all.

@ David, we are running a swear box in this house. Every time anyone says 'if they get in again ...' £100 goes in the pot.

proceeds will purchase a case of bubbly to celebrate ding-dong the Gobbler's dead.

JuliaM said...

With the news that the NHS is relaxing strict hygiene rules for Muslims and Sikhs, just days after a Christian lost her appeal over a cross, it seems someone somewhere is he'll-bent on showing the British public just what sort of people are in charge now...

Snowolf said...

It's a word I use infrequently, but this lot really are cunts, aren't they?

Quiet_Man said...

Most things Labour do just make me roll my eyes and think typical, this one actually made me livid, that's some going for only the first real week of the campaign.

JuliaM said...

"Worse still...How did they get these patients confidential information? "

I get cold callers, selling mt insurance, telecoms, etc. The usual.

Never ever had a cold call from an abulance chasing 'If there's blame, there's a claim' lawyers firm. Until the week after I went to A&E for my broken arm.

Coincidence? I've got my doubts...

Anonymous said...

I seem to rall Gordon Brown making some unsubstatiated Claims about some womans ear surgery in a previous election Campaign.

AndrewSouthLondon said...

There is one source for this data I know of, but that someone in the Department of Health has given a political marketing company access to the Postcode Field in the NHS ent record beggars belief.

All so called Finished Consultant Episodes in an NHS Hospital generate a large record set which is held ultimately on the national Hospital Statistics Database. The record deliberately is striped of "person identifiers" (name, age, address) but it does contain so-called sensitive fields, such as postcode of the usual place of residence of the patient, along with clinical coding of diagnosis -for example, Carcinoma.

If you know what you are doing and have access to the HES database - which is STRICTLY controlled, you can generate with ease a list of postcodes of cancer patients, which postcodes can be matched to direct marketing lists of names and addresses at those postcodes. A postcode identifies from one to thirty addresses.

Someone needs to demand answers. The agency MD saying he didn't work on that job is not good enough an answer.

Captain Haddock said...

This is without doubt both shocking & unacceptable behaviour from ANY political party ..

That it comes from Labour however, is of no surprise ..

I don't think we've even begun to see the depths to which they'll stoop to retain power .. this is merely the tip of the iceberg in what will probably be remembered as the dirtiest Election campaign of all time ..

The more desperate Labour become, the dirtier the tactics ..

RJ said...

Moral compass my fucking arse.

Hitman said...

"If these utterly despicable wankers get in again, we need to find our own Lee Harvey Oswald ..."

Just get me the gun mate :-)

Mrs Rigby said...

It's possible, I suppose, that they got the data from a site that helps people raise money for charity. However they got the personal details - to use them for political gain is despicable.

More news today - it's okay for protesters to throw old boots at politicians and the police, and not Christians and not agnostics are, apparently, germ free.

Anonymous said...

Had to smile at ed miliwank and the spunkguzzler jowell banging on about how nu labore will govern for all,fairness,bright future ahead blah blah-who do these chancers think their kidding?Watching the socialist rats clinging for their political lives is highly entertaining and long may it last-i dont get out much!!!

Anonymous said...

You might get to see a specialist very quickly....

he'll confirm you have cancer.....

Then 'NICE' turn round and say you can't have the drugs to prolong your life !

Nothing like kicking someone while they are down.

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