Biased BBC, part 94

As he said just two days ago, CF was under the impression that, once a General Election campaign was officially underway, news organisations such as the BBC were required to be scrupulously neutral and even handed.

So how, BBC, two days into the election campaign, do you explain this? This is the main story on the main news page of the BBC's website. Right at the top, right in the middle:

See that? Tory plans built on myth. No quotes around it. No "Brown thinks.." before it, or "Labour alleges". Just a bald statement of supposed fact. And, in the smaller print, "Gordon Brown tells..". Not 'feels..', 'believes..', oh no. 'Tells'. Because it's the truth, everybody. Gordon tells us so.

So, there you have it. That's the news folks; it's fact, it's official : Tory plans built on myth.

What the fuck?

We fucking pay for this shit, you bastards. We don't want to, but it's illegal for us not to.

We pay your salaries, BBC, we pay for your web servers, we pay for the whole fucking lot. And you use it to force your Labour lovin' views into our faces.

Fuck you, and fuck your propaganda, Auntie.



Anonymous said...

Just looked at the page this was on, and at the bottom they've got another story:

"Clegg attacks rivals as 'corrupt'"

shouldnt that be

"Labour and Conservatives Corrupt - Clegg"

So they do know how to do it, just choose not to. Unsurprising.

JuliaM said...

Oh, you'll have Soho Politico here huffing and puffing again...

Jill said...

Calm down, dear. It's only day two. You're beginning to sound rabid rather than furious.

Ha @ Julia. How so? To put out CF's fire, as he spontaneously combusts?

JuliaM said...

@ Jill No, it was just the image that came to mind when I thought of his comments yesterday - all impotent wind...

Wrinkled Weasel said...

Dump the TV. Don't pay the fee.
It's the only way the pervs at the BBC will lose their nice little cushy jobs.

Jill said...

Y'know, if you take out the news, I quite like lots of the BBC, and I don't really mind having a public service broadcaster. I still say they represent the establishment rather than a political party.

I would very much like to be rid of Helen Boaden though.

Not My Real Name said...

I whole totally agree.

Fuck the BBC and their Labour Loving Ass Rimming Antics.

Everytime I watch the BBC News i wonder if their will come a point in the election campaign when they will switch or if on May 7th they will just be supporting the New Government.

The BBC should be fair and balanced. They made Press TV look good.

Not sure where you are based but if you heard the BBC News in Scotland they actually read words from Labour Party Press Releases published on the Labour Party Website and pass it off as News.

Fuck the BBC, Fuck Brown and an especially big Fuck You to all the Labour Voters out their all types.

Type 1
The middle class public sector fuckwitts doing non-jobs at the Councils, Civil Service and Quango's.(Including Academic's)

Type 2
The Benefits claiming lazy cunts who have never been to work in their lives, who parernts have never been to work and all their bastard kids who will never seek work.(I am sick of keeping this scum in tracksuits)