Mandy's many faces

Two senior Labour figures gave exactly the opposite advice to Labour campaigners and candidates today.

One felt that it was important to avoid the negative campaign, the personal insults and the general Tory bashing that so often tempts Labour, saying that his advice to Gordon Brown for the upcoming debates was..

"..don't compete with Mr Cameron's personal insults”.

Whereas the other felt that the public should be fully informed regarding the bad points of the eevil Tories; particularly the failings of David 'CallMeDave' Cameron, and that if personal abuse were necessary, then so be it. To kick-start the abuse, he then said of CallMeDave that..

"He looks down his rather long toffee nose at the regions"

So who were the two opposed advisers? Who were these people who thought so radically differently to one another?

Well, the first, recommending that the campaign was kept positive, and that personal abuse was avoided, was the First Secretary of State, Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills, President of the Board of Trade and Lord President of the Council, who would be known to his friends - if he had any - as Peter Mandelson.

Whereas the second, who heaped personal abuse upon poor CallMeDave, was Labour's very own.. errr .. Peter Mandelson.

Not just in the same week: on the same day. Not just on the same day: in the same fucking interview.

Who'd have thought, eh?



Uncle Marvo said...

So he's fair game. As I blogged. Yes?

Captain Haddock said...

Mangledbum has more "faces" than a box of kippers ..

JohnRS said...

A snake with two faces - now there's a thing.

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