Oh dear, Gordon

Oh Gordon, Gordon, Gordon. What the fuck have you done?

Well, what you've done is show millions and millions of people - millions of voters - what you're really like. What lies behind the distorted, fake smile.

Today, as part of Gordo's 'I'm-not-really-scared-of-the-public' initiative, a random pensioner was wheeled on, to touch the hem of our saviour.

But Gillian Duffy - 'I'm 66, you know' - was not 'on message'. Oh no. She had the temerity to challenge McBroon on a number of issues, including immigration and crime.

McDoom nodded, smiled, and pretended to listen. As he bolted for the safety of his carers and his car, Gordon kept on smarming: "Very nice to meet you, very nice to meet you."

But as soon as he was in the car, not realising he still had a microphone pinned to his shirt, he said what he really thought:

"That was a disaster - they should never have put me with that woman. Whose idea was that? It's just ridiculous ... She's just a sort of bigoted woman ... I mean it's just ridiculous. I don't know why Sue brought her up towards me."

For years, many of us have been saying that Broon is a twisted, bitter, blinkered zealot, so obsessed with his own goals and 'val-yews' that he will trample, smear, ignore or traduce anyone who stands in his way.

Even official BBC lickspittle, Nick Robinson, says:

"For those of us that have known Gordon Brown for many years, what we have just seen is no huge surprise I have to say."

So, now the real McBroon is laid bare. A man who is not fit for any office, for any responsibility, let alone that of Prime Minister.

CF has little to add, other than..

We fucking told you so.



Dominic Allkins said...

Yep - we certainly did that... but none of the sheep would listen.

My reaction was...

Ah hahahahahahaha!!!!

JuliaM said...

Best. Election. Campaign. Day. Ever..!

Anonymous said...

Fucking hell. You're acting like somehow this is unusual - They are politicians, stupid. She probably was a bigot. Does the fact she is 603 somehow make her a sacred cow? Would be nice to hear her vies on immigration, rather than just a soundbite.
I can't bear Brown (or labour) and I'm laughing my arse off at this, but your moral guff, standing there atop your turreted bungalow is just laughable - "We told you so". Oh, big deal, you told us that he wasn't to be trusted? Fucking hell Einstein, well done - The last Labour term has told us that already, muppet, the whole expenses scandal has told us that. For years we've known that we take it up the shitter from politicians and you act like somehow Brown moaning about some old biddy and her vaguely right wing mutterings is a revelation. They're real people, fella - They shit, swear and whatever else like the rest of us, so it's likely that now and again one of them will get caught. Anyone stupid enough to think that they are the same behind closed doors as in the public eye needs their head examining.

Post some worthwhile stuff, please? This is already dull news.

Jill said...

It's just pure Mr Bean. Fortune has not taken this man for her pet, has she?

But of course, your pin up boy iDave has never done such a thing, has he? All I take from this is that you prefer the one who hasn't been caught bad mouthing the inconvenient irrelevances that make up the electorate in the minds of politicians.

Constantly Furious said...

Rebuttal Unit working very quickly today, if they've got to this 'umble blog already.

Constantly Furious said...

Now then Jill. You're stretching an already tenuous point rather too far here.

I freely admit that I'd sooner CallMeDave be PM than Gordo'. In fact, I'd sooner have Simon Cowell, St Gillian of Duffy, Peppa Pig, Fred West or Bungle-off-of-Rainbow, but that ain't what this post is about, is it?

That's News said...

That's News saw this coming!

Well, to ber fair, Russell Grant did, That's News merely published what he wrote on Gordon.

Russell Grant on Godon Brown: Gordon Brown “With such uncertainty in the Election Day chart and Gordon’s capacity to believe whatever he wants (his grip on certain realities is pretty weak) – he can spout total untruths with righteous conviction”

Many a true word, it is said...

thespecialone said...

CF the Labour Party Save Gordon Rebuttal Unit has been on every single website defending the indefensible. This has even gone over to live US TV. What a fucking embarassment.

David said...

Gordon Brown is a clot and him getting in again is the basis of my nightmares.

But really, what is the news story here? Gordon meets inbred bigot. Gordon is polite to her in public and then calls her an inbred bigot in private.

The uncomfortable truth is that, for the first time ever, he was actually right about something.

Anonymous said...

Actually 'Jill' Cameron was ambushed yesterday by a Liberal stooge - and handled it a lot better than the gormless cyclops.

I'm no fan of Cameron, but Brown is a miserable human being and a failure as a PM.

Now, back to the Guardian comments with you...

Jill said...

Gerroff with your 'tenuous point'. It's not a tenuous point! I am STILL waiting for some proof of your floating voter, no-fan-of-the-Tories credentials. Thassall.

This post is all about an angle that presents Brown as an aberration for slagging off voters behind their backs. The context - if you aren't partisan - is that 99.99% of them do exactly the same thing on a regular basis.

Anonymous: actually, that's bollocks. Gordoom and iDave did equally well in dealing with heckling voters. Mrs Whatsherface was quite happy with her exchange. How do we know what epithets iDave levelled at that guy since his microphone was off.

Anyway. It's cringeworthy.

Martin S said...

Anyway. It's cringeworthy.

You are right, Jill. What Mr Brown said IS cringeworthy.

What a silly billy he is, to be sure.

Martin S said...

Rapid Rebuttal Unit?

Surely you mean Rabid Rebuttal Unit?

Dr Evil said...

So how come Nick R didn't have the cajones to tell us what McBroon was like several years ago? He's no more bloody use is he after a week on Thursday?

JuliaM said...

"CF the Labour Party Save Gordon Rebuttal Unit has been on every single website defending the indefensible."

Actually, they've been pretty quiet. Even the usual lefties are well aware that this is a disaster - her views are NOT something that could ne said to be bigoted, so defending Gordon is just going to make things worse.

Well, that's what the wiser ones are doing, anyway.

"But really, what is the news story here? Gordon meets inbred bigot. Gordon is polite to her in public and then calls her an inbred bigot in private."

That's some new definition of 'private' that includes a broadcast mic, I guess..?

Hunk of Junk said...

Of course he's a blundering, loony jonah - that's not news to anyone but yet again the brain dead idiots in the press have missed the target. The lady had a good point which they've all failed to raise with any of the candidates; what are we going to do about a £170bn deficit?

Well, what are we going to do - anyone got any ideas because none of these losers have...... none of them?

Polkadot said...

Didn't Brown say to the woman that Labour would half the debt in a couple of years?
Did he mean deficit?

It frightens me that he doesn't know the difference.

Anonymous said...

What. A. Dick.

Anonymous said...

Even if he hadn't been over heard saying what he said his visible panic and discomfort at actually having to talk to a non vetted and approved member of the public spoke volumes.

Mrs Rigby said...

Rebuttal Unit working very quickly today,

I think they've given up. There are just too many blogs and too many newspaper articles for them to cope with.

But really, what is the news story here? Gordon meets inbred bigot.
Hopefully you're jesting.

Two Faced Journos' said...

CF, with regards to Nick "in upto my toenails" Robinsons' comment, please see Anna Raccoons excellent blog.

john miller said...

CF, I just don't understand you're attitude.

He's withdrawn his remark. So obviously all the media have to now go back and erase all the tapes. And then : "So what?" as the second in command once said.

So now, we move on and that's that, let's concentrate on policies that Brown won't talk about. Oops, sorry no, I meant WILL, can we move on again?

Right everyone shut up NOW because you are all arrested under the anti-terrorist laws! (cif the OAP v Jack Straw)

john miller said...

Having read the comments, some people do resort to playground arguments on blogs.

Like Jill: "a lot of people kill other people so, hey, get used to it"

I think you'll find that the defence of "some other people do it" is no defence at all.

If you despise Tories or Lib Dems or Labour, and then to excuse your party of choice for doing something that the others do, is that not logically inconsistent?

john miller said...

Oh, by the way, anyone disagreeing with me will get cancer.

Anonymous said...

Be fair though CF as Gordon later claimed her question on Immigration was ANNOYING ie off script and Gordon doesnt do off script does he !

2Mac said...

I have been smiling all day. Brown and all his metrosexual middle class vegan ex-student never had a real job cunts (Labour MPs and Labour Activists)will be crying into their bottles of mineral water today.

It does not matter how many of them come out to spin about this (especially the ones who pretend not to support Labour)Labour are fucked.

Today was a good day!

ps. Here is a clue. If you find yourself really enjoying watching Gordon making the gaff of his life then you are a normal person.

If you feel the need to run about the internet posting the same rebuttals on blogs pretending you do not work for labour then you are so fucking thick you obviously not only vote labour but believe in that shit.

Fidothedog said...

I watched that an was half expecting Malcolm Tucker to come up and slap Gordon into line.

David said...


"That's some new definition of 'private' that includes a broadcast mic, I guess..?"

A broadcast mike that should have been turned off. He was speaking in his car to his aides. That's pretty private to me.

And it's not the first time Sky News have done this, what with printing his private broadcast notes after the leaders' debate last week.

Of course what the woman said was bigoted. She started wittering about how "vulnerable people can't get a claim (whatever the fuck that is) because of all those Eastern Europeans". She then went on to ask where the said Eastern Europeans were coming from.

I don't think she's racist but she's certainly a moron. A big enough moron to vote for Labour and a big enough moron to think that a few Poles (who can't actually claim benefits until they've been here 12 months) stop anyone claiming anything.

Anonymous said...

If Carling did Electoral Campaign Days...

john miller said...

Really David, can anyone, especially a Labour supporter, complain about lack of privacy?

What a joke when the Labour Party have introduced millions of CCTV cameras, arrest people (illegally) for taking photographs, monitor all our mobile phone conversations and intercept all our e-mails.

So the Praesedium can remove any privacy we have but they must be free to slag us off without our knowing?

You must be one of the chosen few, like the Stasi and the KGB with their special shops, where they could buy luxury goods from the West when the proles queued for bread.