Someone still loves you, Gordon

There aren't many papers, magazines and journals that are still prepared to spin for Gordon Brown and the 'are-they-not-dead-yet?' Labour Party, but the New Statesman is one of the few that are.

James Macintyre, of that august journal, is clearly one of the remaining people in Britain - fuck that, in the Universe - who thinks that Gordo' and NuLab are A Good Thing, and that the rest of us need to be told that, repeatedly and regularly.

He's had his work cut out in the last 24 hours, has James. After yesterday's slight campaign hiccup, #BigotGate. he's been posting on his little Staggers blog like a man possessed.

As the story broke, just a few hours ago, he lead the charge to cover for Gordo, blaming Mrs Duffy:

".. voters in the street should not harangue him in a rude way: it is too much like bear-baiting, and Brown is, after all, only human."

Shortly afterwards, following the oh-my-god-he's-made-it-even-worse radio interview, Macintyre continued the feeble justifications:

"He admitted he found the woman's views on immigration "annoying", which at least shows passion".

A short time after this, with the story now all over the media, Macintyre posted again, more in hope than certainty:

"Brown’s opponents will go wild over “bigot-gate”. Yet there may be a backlash"

A backlash, you fucking cretin? Against whom? Against Mrs Duffy for daring to disagree? Against the media, for having the cheek to report Broon's words verbatim?

Later in the afternoon, like some never-stopping left-wing Duracell Bunny, he was at it again:

"my prediction remains that -- just as with past attempts by the Sun and the Observer to portray Brown as a bully -- it won't really "cut through". It may -- just possibly -- not be too late for Brown to .. benefit from a counter-wave of sympathy"

Yeah, right. We all love a man who slags off old ladies behind their back, don't we Jimmy?

James, worn out by his efforts, then had an early night. Or at least, there were no more posts from him. But sure enough, come this morning, he was at it again.

His first post was clearly pre-written before #bigotgate kicked off as it makes no mention, instead focussing on the urgent need for us all to vote Labour (and not, under any circumstances, vote Lib Dem), regardless of the gurning lunatic at the helm. Lazily quoting Labour spin-monkey Alexander Douglas, he writes:

"This contest is a moment of great peril and great possibility for progressives. I know that there are voters .. who are angry about Iraq, anxious on Afghanistan and concerned about civil liberties. But I also know that they would be horrified if they woke up on 7 May and realised that their vote for the Lib Dems contributed to Cameron standing on the steps of 10 Downing Street"

Wonder if Mrs Duffy thinks that way?

With his pre-written post delivered, Macintyre was clearly itching to get back to defending his hero. So much so, that he even 'umbly suggested some soundbites that McDoom might wish to use in tonight's debate:

"Yesterday, I made a bad mistake. After hours of campaigning on the road, and after misunderstanding some perfectly innocent remarks, I allowed my frustrations to get the better of me in the privacy of my car. .. I only blame myself. Why? Because I betrayed myself. .."

"in the past twenty four hours, I have learned something about myself.. And in turn, I have promised myself and I promise you now: I will always strive to improve. .. I live to serve: to get up early every morning and fight hard for British values, and not go to bed until the day's fighting has been done. "

Fucking hell; pass the sick bag, Alice. We can only guess what Gordon might call you if he actually read that farrago of bullshit, James, but it wouldn't be pretty.

And then, after he'd had his lunch, James couldn't resist going back for one more kiss of the son-of-the-Manse's arse. Yes: he posted, for the sixth fucking time in two days, on the same subject. Once again, he's pushing that this doesn't really matter at all:

"..the growing consensus that Brown's "bigot-gate" is a storm in a tea-cup .. It does indeed appear that the opinions of those with independence of thought .. are rather more varid [sic] than those of the right-wing press."

Bless. Such faith. Such trust.

Such utter fucking desperation.



Uncle Marvo said...

He can probably get treatment for that condition. But soon he probably won't be able to, because hopefully we won't be handing out bollocks for bollocks' sake.


Who is he, anyway?

Anonymous said...

When will you rightwing idiots realise that ALL the things you go on and on about are storms in teacups. The public will decide based on policy not on these false rumours you peddle

Who cares what Gordon Brown thinks of some stupid old woman? He has got bigger things to worry about - things Cameron and Clegg could not understand

Uncle Marvo said...


I don't think so, Ellie.

Antisthenes said...

Will the country be shocked by bigotgate I believe not they haven't been shocked by anything bad he has done or purported to have done up to now. It may have worked in his favour having given him plenty of extra publicity.

Antisthenes said...

See what I mean prats like anonymous would defend him even if he had raped the old dear in broad daylight in front of the worlds press.

Bill Sticker said...

"Who cares what Gordon Brown thinks of some stupid old woman?"

Well Mr Anonymous, the 'Stupid old woman' for starters. A more 'traditional' Labour voter they couldn't have picked for old Jonah's folksy, 'man of the people' spot. She was going to vote Labour. Now she said she isn't. Who cares indeed?

As for 'false rumours', says who? Some of us may be 'ranting wingnuts', but at least we're honest about it.

Anonymous said...

Gordon will be grateful I'm sure he privately holds his supporters in high regard. Ask Mrs Duffy.

mungle said...

Who cares what Gordon Brown thinks of some stupid old woman? He has got bigger things to worry about - things Cameron and Clegg could not understand

29 April 2010 15:55

At last someone who realises that Gordon's ego is at stake in this election.


"With his pre-written post delivered, Macintyre was clearly itching to get back to defending his hero. So much so, that he even 'umbly suggested some soundbites that McDoom might wish to use in tonight's debate:"

PM: What ? Who's idea was that ?

Aide: James.

PM Ridiculous. ! (THUD!)

john miller said...

No. He can't have said any of that. You're making it up.

"it is too much like bear-baiting" Brown is a bear?

"Brown is, after all, only human." Oh. Not a bear then.

Finding what someone says as annoying shows your passion. That's what Ferguson used to say after Roy Keane broke somebody's leg. I can show you lots of passionate guys in South London, Jimmy. Not that you would want to meet them. They're all Tories.

Ahh, the backlash. That's called a nice dream while you are sleeping Jim. Oh. Well, if you've never noticed the difference it might be hard to explain.

And to be honest the rest of the shit is best summed up as:

Brown's a cretin

He doesn't speak English

He still wets the bed

His brain is very, very small indeed

So, that's alright then...

Carry on Prime Minister!

john miller said...

Ooh dear, sensayuma failure on the starboard bow. Comments ahoy!

I am just guessing - it's a stab in the dark, you understand, that Anon may be posting in a, err, I dunno, sort of funny way?

As in sarcastic? Ironic?

Mind you, if I'm wrong, give us his Internet DNA CF and we'll nuke the bastard!

Dioclese said...

My daughter is pretty much disinterested in this election but even she thought that Brown's comments were appalling. My wife is heartily sick of this campaign but even she came close to throwing bricks at the TV and even rushed out into the garden to tell me about it.

Let's hope for another Kinnock moment soon.

Anonymous said...

So far up his arse he's chewing sweetcorn !

Anonymous said...

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