What does it MEAN?

As a floating, anyone-but-Gordon voter, CF is following the competing campaigns with a mixture of contempt and amusement.

One area that is particularly entertaining is the competing campaign posters that spew forth from the major parties, showing how furiously they're pissing away all those millions in dodgy donations.

But this morning's effort from Labour didn't persuade CF to think .. well ... anything. It is, of course, negative; an attack on CallMeDave Cameron. It is, coming from Labour, probably either a distortion or a complete lie.

But the most noticeable thing about it, at least from CF's point-of-view is that it doesn't seem to make any fucking sense whatsoever:

Well, what the fuck does that mean? Really.

What the fuck?



Uncle Marvo said...

The best one I saw was "What will *he* be doing while you're [doing all that other stuff]"

Hopefully, important things such as telling people to fuck off if they try to steal our stuff, such as the Falklands.

Hopefully, sorting out the banks.

We'll get on with sorting out the boring stuff that Gordon and his team of cunts spend their waking hours dicking around with.

Greg said...

It is quite clear - if you decide to vote Tory, they won't do anything for you if they get in.

Anonymous said...

Greg. Good! I don't want them to DO anything for me. I want them (the govt.) to leave me the fuck alone.

Unlike ZanuLab who have been fucking us all up the collective arse for the past 13 years.

Chuckles said...

Variations on the Ravenous Bugblatter Beast of Traal?

My imaginary friend is better than your imaginary friend?

He's just like every other politician?

Jill said...

Oh, I knowwwwww. This big society/social activism thing is just such bollocks - I assume that's what his poster is saying. PM Dave won't breathe down the back of local democratic decisions.

I watched Michael Gove push this shit on Newsnight last night. Are the Tories in cloud cuckoo land or what? Do they think people will organise and get active? God in heaven.

As we've moved, my kids have gone to four different schools. I've been a governor at all of them. Not because I so love being a governor, but because no other fucker will ever do it. My village was recently given a £400k community hall by a housing developer. I'm on the management committee. It's a committee of four fucking people, not because we only need four, but because no other fucker will turn up to a meeting once a month. My BFF (or whatever it is da kidz are calling pals these days) is a parish councillor. She wants to pack it in because running her business in this recession is taking up gazillions more time. She wants me, or anyone else she knows really, to take over - "It's not as though you'll have to go through an election. Nobody else will stand even if we beg."

And the Tories are basing an entire philosophy on this level of participation? It'll take them fifteen parliaments to achieve it!

Mrs Rigby said...

"As a floating, anyone-but-Gordon voter"

The poster is part of the newspeak, the kids use.
They say, "I'll be there for you," to each other, but it doesn't mean a bean, and they know it.

I don't like the way this campaign has twisted into something almost presidential, with 'the leader' of the various parties being more important than the political party they represent.

Chuckles said...

We're not satisfied until you're not satisfied.

Anonymous said...

the poster I want to see is the Tory 'I've not voted Tory before but..' poster with Gordie B speaking and saying that he will be voting Tory because someone needs to clear up the mess he's made of the country!!