Hungry, but blogging

Apparently, during the recent G20 love-in, us taxpayers coughed up 50 large just for Bloggers. This response in Hansard has the detail:

"The total amount of funding provided by the Department for International Development for the G20 Voice programme was £49,700. This covered travel and subsistence costs for bloggers from the developing world; technical support and costs associated with the briefing day"

What leaps out, at least to CF's jaded eyes, is the phrase "bloggers from the developing world".

What the fuck? Surely, a blogger from the developing world is a just a little bit of an antonym? What next? Ethiopian Astronauts? Mobile 'phone salesmen from Sierra Leone? Eritrean tooth whiteners? Sushi chefs from Burundi?


Cate Munro said...

lol . . .that's funny! Gr8 blog ;-)

Constantly Furious said...

TP: cheers, m'dear!

RantinRab said...

Reminded me of the TV ad for the charity 'laptops for africa' (or something like that). I thought to myself "where are they going to plug them in?"