Poor, poor Nick Robinson - all alone

The BBC's Nick Robinson is obviously feeling a little left out, and just couldn't keep hiding his hurt any longer.

In his latest 'not-blog' (like a blog, but without information or opinion), he discusses this afternoon's PMQ's:

The Tory leader has struggled to get much attention for his call for a general election to elect a new Parliament to go along with a new Speaker.

Actually, Robinson, his calls have been all over the media and the blogosphere for fucking days. Just because you've been instructed to supress them, doesn't mean anyone else will.

But then we get to what's really bothering him:

This, despite the fact that he is working in partnership with the Sun.

Well, mi-aow. Doesn't 'ee talk to oo' then, Nicky? Does he spend all his time with the naughty Sun? Don't you get any nice leaks for your little reports? Won't the nasty Tories play with you?

That's because you, Robinson, are a fucking partisan Labour lickspittle.


The End (Bye Bye!) said...

You've hit the nail right on the head there, CF!

JamesW said...

Yep. Fucking bullseye!

Anonymous said...

Nick Robinson, what a complete fucking tool that bloke is.

Anonymous said...

Why aren't people like Robinson and McGuire not employed and paid for by New Labour? Really resent my licence fee contributing to his upkeep.