They finally got Guido

Guido Fawkes made a triumphant announcement this morning:

Benefits in kind going undeclared by MPs and flipping primary residences to evade capital gains taxes will now be investigated according to a statement released by HM Revenue Commissioners.

Listening to the politicians who lecture us on redistribution and tell us “it is right that those who have more, pay more” explain why they evaded capital gains taxes is going to be fun. Fun for Guido at least. In fact it is like all Guido’s Christmases have come at once. Smeargate followed by the total exposure of the reality of politician’s troughing venality and lack of integrity is everything Guido has ever wanted.

Finally, after four hundred and four years, the torture of the original Guido Fawkes is being repaid without resort to the rack. When they start jailing politicians, old Guy will have been completely avenged.

Shortly after this, his website disappeared. Its been missing all afternoon.

Suspicious? Be afraid, be very afraid..

UPDATE: he's back. Of course he's back. We all knew he'd come back. ... but what if one day he didn't come back?


Alan W said...

Let's wait and see. Could just be a glitch. Hopefully he'll pop up on a blog somewhere to say his cat pee-ed in his computer or something.

Anonymous said...

Same thing happened when the Damien McBride crap came out.

Anonymous said...

was running to thousands of comments an hour, it's a carefully managed unmanagable shit storm is this.

Election anyone?

mark said...

database error, if he is on shared hosting and can`t do his own restore then it may be a while before he`s back up.

Pablothehat said...

can get it by comments though, just postings

Another Anon said...

It's back up!

May return soon..fuckety fuck. said...

yup, hes back. panic averted.