Told you so!

In this post, earlier today, CF pointed out that Cameron had an 'Open Goal' in front him, following the revelations that some of his more minted MP's had claimed for swimming pools 'n' horse shit ("for the roses dear boy, no-one smokes it anymore") on expenses.

These Tory "Grandees" could easily afford to pay back the money, whereas the Labour "Flat-Flippers", whose fraudulently claimed expense money is now tied up for years in devalued flats (or obsolete plasma TV's) could not. A great opportunity to score points, eh? CF concluded:

"So Dave, tell each of the egregious eight to pay back their claims, immediately and in full, and very publicly."

Clearly, Cameron -- either having read this blog or just being a cynical PR sniffer -- concluded that this was indeed the right thing to do. Hence the Daily Telegraph story, stating

"Mr Cameron called in members of the shadow cabinet and asked those who have been shown to have claimed extravagantly to repay the expenses money. Tory sources said that none had “fought” the leader’s request and all agreed to repay the money"

And what was the other thing CF suggested, following the first piece of priceless advice? Oh that's right:

"Then ask, over and over again, whenever you see a microphone, why the Labour MP's aren't doing the same."

That starts any minute now...



Don't Call Me Dave said...

The politicians will deny it, of course, but it is quite clear that it is the blogosphere which has led the campaign to expose MPs troughing and for shaming the serial troughers into giving us our money back.

More power to the people!

Joe Public said...

With prescient foresight, presumably your Blog will be retitled "Intermittently Furious" for the rest of the day

Anonymous said...

They can't control the internet. News travels fast and cover-ups are now becoming a thing of the past.

MPs have egos as well their greed. In the future, I would prefer to see MPs grassing each other up to gain favour with the public rather than hide and make self-serving rules like the Green Book.