Pick of the week

CF is feeling lazy at the end of another week of interspersed job-hunting and MP's expenses-related outrage. What next to get furious about? What the fuck to blog about? It's all so fucking tiresome on a hot day.

A quick trawl around the Blogosphere shows CF exactly what should be done - a bit of transparent plagiarism; snatches from other parts of the interwebs that stimulated CF's jaded fancies. A "best of" compilation, if you will.

So, here's the first "Constantly Furious Pick of the Weeeeeeeek". The winners are:

  • The irrepressible Old Holborn, whose latest idea - Citizens' Arrests of troughing MP's - is likely to get him a 'Brazilian' (gunned down by trigger-happy cops) but will give us all a laugh and make a strong point for the sheeple to gawp at.

  • Dan "the man" Hannan, for setting out a strong, clear case (without swearing - how the fuck does he manage that?) for the dissolution of Parliament. CF ain't no Tory, but this man's gettin' it said.

  • The website "Explosions and Boobs", for doing exactly what it says on the tin. CF can happily refresh the page for hours, and its so much cheaper than buying an action movie DVD, and so much nicer than sitting in the fucking cinema watching chavs throwing popcorn at each other.

And of course, no contest (except at a fucking primary school these days) is complete without a loser, so here's the "Pick of the Weak":

  • Brand spankin' new blog No Leader But Gordon. First brought to CF's attention from an abusive comment on an earlier post (apparently CF has "no soul" because he joked about Gordon needing a poo). Just trot along there and have a quick look at this post. CF has a horrible feeling that this is not a parody. Dear god.

So there you have it; the good, the very good and the fucking barking.

And, you may wonder, why the picture of the poor, ill-educated people picking through enormous heaps of festering rubbish? No idea.
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RantinRab said...

Any prize for getting on the list? Thought not, you miserable bastard! :-)

Out the Faerie Quene of Kirkcaldy said...

Just had to leave a comment. Not moderated, brave lunatic.