Poor Kate G.

Poor, poor Kate Garraway. The press - well, the girly press - are worried about her.

And no wonder; imagine how she feels.

The nausea; the sweaty embarrassment; the knowledge that a helpless mewling creature is going to be totally dependent on you; the sleepless nights; the feeling that your time will never be your own again, that something will always be clinging to you, needing its next meal.

And, of course, she's pregnant too..


Martin S said...

Imagine suddenly finding out that the funny, caring man that you are having another child with has a dark, nasty side. That far from being the caring psychotherapist that you thought he was, he is capable of thinking that using the alleged mental health of the wife of an opposition politician in a smear campaign is a "fantastic idea."

What the hell can Kate do?

Constantly Furious said...

Perhaps she should give Mrs Berlusconi a call: she seems to know when to look for the emergency exit..