GCSE's - a total waste of time

It's well known that GCSE's are a total waste of everybody's time. They have been utterly devalued, by a government that knows, and cares, as much about education as CF does about motorcycle maintenance.

When a child of 6 is given a Physic's GCSE for knowing that you don't look at the sun through a microscope, its pretty much game over.

Notwithstanding that, its little Molly's first proper, sit-down GCSE exam tomorrow, and -- even though she does more than most to keep her father Constantly Furious -- he'd like to wish her luck.



May return soon..fuckety fuck. said...

ahh, good luck, likkle costantly furious!
GCSE's are shite though.

subrosa said...

Poor lassie. You're right they're a complete waste of time. Education has been so dumbed down by this lot than most degrees are a waste of time too. Compared with European universities most of ours are poor.

Wish her good luck.