Shout about the troughers

So now we know. Or, at least, we've lifted the lid of the tin of worms, and are staring in appalled fascination at the top layer of the slimy bastards.

The Daily Telegraph has the dirt (with CF's own emphases, for the hard-of-understanding) :

The Prime Minister is among 13 members of the Cabinet facing questions over their use of Parliamentary expenses .. Receipts submitted by the Prime Minister .. disclosed that .. he paid Andrew Brown for cleaning at his flat .. £6,577 over 26 months. .

For fuck's sake. And:

Jack Straw, the Justice Secretary, received a 50 per cent discount on his council tax from his local authority but claimed the full amount. He discovered the “mistake” last summer within weeks of the High Court ordering that MPs release details of their expenses.

Dear God. And:

Lord Mandelson, the Business Secretary, claimed thousands of pounds to improve his constituency home after he had announced his resignation as an MP. He sold the property for a profit of £136,000.

Bastard. And:

Hazel Blears, the Communities Secretary, claimed for three different properties in a single year. She spent almost £5,000 on furniture in three months after buying the third flat in an upmarket area of London.

Trougher. And:

David Miliband, the Foreign Secretary, spent hundreds of pounds on gardening at his constituency home — leading his gardener to question whether it was necessary to spend the money on pot plants “given [the] relatively short time you’ll be here”.

Fucking Thief. And :

Alistair Darling, the Chancellor, changed his official “second home” designation four times in four years.

Cheat. And:

Geoff Hoon, the Transport Secretary, also switched his second home, which allowed him to extensively improve his family home in Derbyshire before buying a London town house also funded by the taxpayer.

Hoon. Just Hoon. And, and, and, fucking and:

Andy Burnham, the Culture Secretary, Caroline Flint, the Minister for Europe, and Paul Murphy, the Welsh Secretary, also bought flats — or the freehold on a property they already owned — and claimed stamp duty and other moving costs. Mr Burnham warned the parliamentary authorities that his wife might divorce him if expenses were not paid promptly.

They're all at it, from the PM down (and that's a low starting point - imagine being lower than McBroon).

CF has already described one way of protesting, here. Just fill in the Dept. of Work & Pensions "Report a Benefit Cheat Online" Form. Old Holborn is pushing the same idea more eloquently (and more swearily) here.

If you can't fill in the online form (eh? How the fuck are you reading this then?) then telephone the National Benefit Fraud Hotline 0800 854 440 . Note: Calls may be recorded, so that Jacqui can send the police 'round to your house (or parliamentary office if applicable).

Fill those forms in. Make those 'phone calls.


Anonymous said...

Some of these appear to be inland revenue fraud. I'm calling the tax office to clarify. I know this because the scum-sucking shithead gave me extreme grief over expenses and I had to show every original receipt.

I'm gonna have great fucking pleasure today calling that investigating asswipe from the revenue.