Devil's Kitchen: Uddin update

Just spotted this Baroness Troffin update over at The Devil's Kitchen.

"Following the filthy, disgusting and shameless troughing of Baroness Uddin, it seems that Spitalfields Housing Association has woken up to the fact that maybe, just maybe, a fucking rich Baroness—with multiple company directorships and another home—shouldn't be living in social housing intended for putting a roof over the heads of the very poor."

"Now Spitalfields Housing Association, the owners of the three-bedroom house, has engaged lawyers to examine whether she should be allowed to continue renting in Wapping .. Legally a tenant with an assured or secure tenancy must live in the social home as their “only or principal home”, meaning that she could have breached her tenancy."

No need for CF to comment further; as ever the Devil is eloquent:

"I hope that she is evicted, dragged from her house and humiliated by the bailiffs in full view of all the neighbours. She is scum."

And so say all of us...