No confidence? Time to speak up

The plan is coming together. Old Holborn is in full creative flow. This Saturday, 23rd May:

"Come and tell the fraudster MPs what you think of them. Bring saucepans, kettles, drums, horns, whistles. We've had enough. Our taxes have been ripped off by bankers demanding bailouts for their champagne lifestyles; now the MPs are laughing in our faces with their brazen claims: for moat clearance; grouse-beaters; helipads; swimming pools; fur-lined loo seats; mole-traps; and claims for imaginary mortgages!
The summer of middle-class rage starts now! And working-class rage? you ain't seen nothing yet!"

"Dress code: Guy Fawkes, the only man ever to enter Parliament with honourable intentions."

Tragically, CF can't make it to this one, but his raging spirit ("I am CF's raging spirit") will be roaming the square.



Jon Lishman said...

'Fraid I'm 250 miles away and temporarily brassic (thank you Brown you utter bastard). But I'll be there with you in spirit.

Anonymous said...

all this spirit is sure to get things sorted nicely :)