YES! Let's all do this

A great idea, and one CF supports.

Jacqui Smith wants - no needs - to see all of your emails. Something terrible (probably to do with Muslims or perhaps the Continuity IRA or possibly pigs) will happen if she doesn't have a good old rummage through your correspondence.

So, rather than wait for some public sector techie nerds to fail to write the software after squandering millions of taxpayer's money, lets help her out.

All you have to do is this: cc all your emails to her.

The details are laid out here:

"So, for one day, we should send a message to the Home Office - "you want to see our emails? Ok then, here they are then!". We do this by simply cc'ing or bcc'ing every email we send (and if you like, forwarding every email you receive), regardless of importance or content, to"

The date has been set for June 15th. However for legal reasons, please don't go ahead with the protest of your own accord"

So .. wait for it, wait for it .. mark June 15th in your calendars, and get ready to swamp the stupid woman.


May return soon..fuckety fuck. said...

brilliant fucking idea, CF! though i would call jackboots a incompetant, greedy, kebab gobbling porcine cunt!

brownlie said...

I'll send her my e-mails if she'll send me hers. It could be the start of a beautiful friendship and her husbands e-mails should be interesting.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, I'm thinking of subscribing the bitch to every newsletter I can find.

Mark in Sidcup said...

An interesting use for all the spam I receive.

So far, today, my spam trap has caught 216 there were about 20 more that got through.

Do you know if they would be using a spam filter?