Everyone, yes everyone, is against him

CF is in accord with this criticism of the great leader:

"Apparently, he did not even consult the Cabinet on the YouTube video. I'm sure that if he had consulted the Cabinet, one of them, quite possibly Blears herself, might have said "I know what, how about this: Let's not do that." But even then, there's no guarantee that he would listen to her. He might just start hurling office furniture at her head, while one of his entourage started putting the idea about that she wets herself when she gets confused."

And where did this mocking occur? What right-leaning, Tory-loving, government-bashing attack blog was carrying this? Why, it was Labourhome, of course, in this post, "Hurrah for Hazel"



Anonymous said...

This was inevitable. As a PM, you cant be ruthless, dictatorial and arrogant towards the very people who decide your fate. I'm so happy he's getting battered and as long as he holds on, the more this should continue.

He should call the election NOW, but we all know that he will have to be removed kicking and screaming. Shameless bastard!

Now he and his Miliband tosser are using private jets costing fucking loads. They are indulging in their own self-importance - dont they see that no one would bat an eyelid if they them at Heathrow. Fucking assholes cant even see that!

Constantly Furious said...

Good to see the rage. Spread the fury, baby..