Mr Speaker - you're a fool

CF is watching the shambolic proceedings in the House with mounting anger.

Having stumbled through his prepared statement, the Speaker is now under attack.

But no-one can land a punch on the slippery bastard: he's twisting the rules, abusing his position and refusing to allow criticism or even debate.

Every question is dodged, deflected or ignored, in a style Brown would be proud of.

Even though he's clung onto the post for fucking years, the idiot still had to lean over and whisper with one of his little helpers, to check he'd answered a question on procedure correctly. Dear god.

Sir Stuart Bell has just hauled himself onto his hind legs to support the idiot, pompously chuffing:

"There has never been, in the history of this House, such an attack on the Speaker"

Perhaps that's because there has never been, in the history of this House, such a venal, partisan, incompetent fuckwit as this Speaker.



Anonymous said...

Why not simply kill him?

Blind Pugh said...

Set fire tae the auld cunt so he cannae claim his big fat greedy pension. Hope he dies when he retires, the stupit auld fuck.