Sitting comfortably, Dave?

Whippet? No - paid for it on expenses
Dave "call me Dave" Cameron is probably not very comfortable right now. The generally held view seems to be that the Daily Telegraph will spin the bottle tonight so that it points at the Tories, and a lot of nasty stuff about the Shadow cabinet will pour out.

Naturally the Labour spin-machine will crank into action, and -- doubtless with a lot of help from Nick Robinson and the Today Program -- attempt to push their own troughing out of the limelight, to be replaced by shocking revelations that George Osborne also has a patio heater that we, the tax payers, have a 90% stake in.

The sphere-that-we-call-Blog is alive with criticisms of the .. er .. lack of criticism of the Cabinet's troughing coming from HM's Opposition today. Guido leads the charge, querying the "Strange Silence of the Opposition", and many others agree.

Iain Dale, after running around excitedly all last night and this morning like a Sunny-Delighted toddler, has gone all quiet (tired? Bless) and not blogged about 'Profligate' all afternoon. Wonder why?

CF, whilst leaning to the right, could not be said to be a whole-hearted supporter of the Conservatives but, like a kebab after a late-night drinking session, BluLabour are pretty much all that's on the menu right now, and if there's anything damaging enough to give Gordon the upper hand, and he dives for a snap election and he somehow scrapes a tiny majority ... well, then we're fucked. Say it ain't so, Dave.

Doubtless the Tories have worked this out for themselves, but in spite of that, no pre-emptive action has been taken. No-one's resigned, or even burst into tears and owned up. Either they're all quietly confident that they're clean (well, at least relatively clean) , or they're working out which pair of Chino's to take to Provence, and which to leave in their, sorry our, London flat.

Dave? Don't go to bed too early tonight...

UPDATE: clearly, Dave reads this blog (who doesn't?), and it's stung him into action. He sent an email to CF (well, and everyone else) earlier, saying

"The end of the week has been dominated by expenses stories - and I expect there will be many more over the coming months, from all parties. I understand why people are angry about this .. This is just the first step to a cleaner, more open system. Slowly and surely we're going to re-build the trust between politicians and the people they serve."

From all parties? So, getting a little bit of apology in ahead of the accusations, eh?


Anonymous said...

I'm sure they will do all they can to protect their taxpayer pound investments. - All of them.

Good, this humiliation could not have happened to a more deserving group.

Anonymous said...

This story bears all the hallmarks of a leak by the Labour spin machine, get their dirty laundry out first to wind up the media and then release the oppositions expenses, media now whipped up into a feeding frenzy will lap it up and the electorate will have the lasting impression that the opposition are the worst of the bunch.
Nu-Lab, they didn't get where they are today without being crafty bastards.

Rob said...

While the BBC article today on expenses mentions the "broke no rules" angle no less than seven times, I imagine the one about the Tories doing so will be slightly less thorough in that regard.

Zoompad said...

They've all been at it.

I just hope and pray that David Cameron has a moral concience, because it's pretty inevitable that he is going to be the next Prime Minister. The anger and feeling of betrayal in this country is such that I fear there may well be a revolution if he is as corrupt as the others. I am really really hoping that he has a spark of decency and courage, for the sake of the peace of the people of this country.