'Constantly Furious' hits the Big Time

At last, after hard, long years several days of hard slog occasional comment and plagiarism, Constantly Furious joins the big boys in the top echelons of blogging world. The long awaited seat at the top table.

Bloggers' blogger, the inimitable Iain Dale, has written a long and gushing tribute to this blog, in a post entitled Ten New Blogs: Part 46.

In a glowing tribute, Iain lavished praise on this blog, saying

"These blogs aren't necessarily newly created, but I haven't known about them before"

Refusing to spare CF's blushes, he goes still further in his paean, saying

"..they had not, until now, appeared in the TP Blog Directory."

CF is crimson but delighted.

Political blogging evening 2Iain tells the world about Constantly Furious


RantinRab said...

You jammy bastard!

Martin S said...

Well done!

subrosa said...

Good for you. Your hits will increase by the thousands today :)

Plato said...

Excellent spoof post.

All you need now is one from Mr Fawkes!

PS is WV necessary at this stage?!?!!

Constantly Furious said...

Cheers all.

Mr Dale has certainly upped the hit rate for today, albeit from "dismal" to "gosh - more than 2 people are reading this"

Oh, and Plato, WV should be off now. Hadn't noticed it was on, but clearly that's why the Blogerati haven't been flooding the comments section.. ;-)

idle said...

I think you'll find that Mrs Dale's praise was directed at the IDLE blog on the same list, CF.

However, I will read your blog and see if he might have been mistaken.

Constantly Furious said...

Idle, CF is already a follower of your musing, and knows it to be a good thing.

However, your interpretation of Iain's words is somewhat unusual. While your blog, and the other 458 blogs he has already tipped, have their merits, it was very clear what he meant by today's post.

Francis J. Crystals said...

Congratulations to you too! It seems to have boosted our traffic quite a bit, for at least today anyway. Good luck clearing up after the party. I expect I'll be nursing a hangover for quite a while.

Old Holborn said...

All the big hitters are here

Constantly Furious said...

OH: was the word 'here' supposed to be a link to a secret place containing the true big hitters? The executive rest room for the blogsphere? I keep clicking it, and nothing happens.