How stupid are the public?

By 'public', CF means the 95% of the public that seems to choose to live their lives through the medium of Facebook, rather than opening the fucking door, going outside and stepping into the sunshine.

By joining Facebook -- and particularly by signing up to the fucking endless fucking stupid quizzes ("which Friends character are you?"; "which colour jelly baby are you?"; "which infection of the urinary tract are you?") -- these people are advertising their own terminal stupidity and gullibility, and asking to be suckered and abused every waking minute of their vacuous lives.

The latest festival of imbecility to unfold before CF's disbelieving eyes is the creation of a protest group, dedicated to the stamping out the .. well, let them tell you :

"Stop the usage of dogs as live bait for sharks!"

Note the obligatory exclamation mark: that tells you just how important this is. Something must be done. Look at that poor doggie. Did you know:

"Innocent dogs (LIVE!) Are used as bait to catch sharks, and are dragged behind the boats.
Defend the rights of animals and help us putting the word "end" to this inhumane practice on the island of Reunion. We will ask the French Government to ensure that this never happens again."

In fact, its just a pathetic attempt to get the people to come to the spam, rather than vice versa, and the homepage tries to redirect everyone to some classic "make $$$ working from home" bullshit..

But has anybody noticed? Have they fuck. They're lapping it up.

How many people have joined this oh-so-worthy cause, to stamp out this evil (albeit entirely fucking imaginary) practice? 59,804 at the last reckoning. Fifty fucking nine thousand. Dear god.

The voice of the people? Democracy? There must be a better way.



Anonymous said...

This is crool . Sharcks are meant to feed on babi dolfins.

Facebook campaign to hang, draw & quarter said...

It's Brasseye, save the elephant with the trunk up it's own arse.

We have 646 useless cunts in London they could use for shark bait.