Bloody hell, Nadine's back

Nadine Dorries, Tory MP and absolute ruler of the Kingdom of PoorMe, has bounced back from the removal of her blog by the evil Daily Telegraph, and now re-appears with a sparkling new blog.

Thanks to the wonders of technology, her every last utterance and trivial thought over the last 3 years has been preserved and transferred, and we can once more join her in wallowing in her self-pity. Get this:

"realising that with the Archbishops comments, that at least I had God on my side, I began to vomit."

Which is ironic, because when CF realised Nadine was blogging again, he began to vomit. For fucks sake.

CF has already written about how this womans inane, self-pitying witterings are wasting both bandwidth and the apparently limited supply of public wrath.

Remember, we talked about this? Fascinating though this woman's deluding ramblings doubtless are,why is Hazel Blears still in the Cabinet? Why do the blasted Balls remain completely untouched? Why the fuck is Elliot Morely not in prison yet?

And the old favourite: why, why-oh-fucking-why hasn't Baroness Uddin been dragged onto the streets and hung from a lamp-post?

For fucks sake, we want some arses kicked here; we want some radical change in a corrupt and broken system, not to read a whinge about Nadine's fucking tummy ache, or how naughty the main stream media can be.

Be *smack!* quiet, woman.


Spider said...

"My colleagues, my innocent colleagues, were literally being made physically ill by the bullying process deployed by the DT, as part of the drip, profit, drip, profit technique..." NDs blog (comments disabled there unfortunately)

Fucking two faced money grasping whore. Innocent? where were they when all this was going on? did they speak up? or sit meekly effectively condoning it? Non participation is not opposition. As for drip, profit, drip profit technique - how fucking hypocritical can she get? The irony scale just went critical.

She promised suicides. If MPs are struggling for which method all they need to do is ask...

Begone! said...

Ah yes, including the marvellous post where she claims that most MPs "live a normal, frugal existence and struggle to pay the bills".

Really Nadine darling? On a salary that puts you in the richest 5% in the country (even ignoring dodgy expenses and the absurdly generous pension scheme), you are "struggling" to pay for a "normal, frugal existence"?

Then just how the fuck do you expect the poorer 95% of the country to manage?

Has she lost all touch with, even memory of, the real world?

JamesW said...

Dear Nadine,

"I also had to deal with the minor problem of the Barclay Brother’s use of global lawyers and the removal of my blog site on behalf of the Telegraph Group."

What the fuck is a global lawyer? Anyway, here's a free legal tip: don't make baseless allegations that this story is a conspiracy to push the UK into electing a BNP Government.

"after reading the Saturday morning press when realising that with the Archbishops [sic. It was only the loony owl who said this] comments, that at least I had God on my side, I began to vomit."

Oh, and she believes in sky faeries too. Well, that reassures me that she isn't wildly delusional.

"Never again must democracy be threatened or the innocent be victimised whilst two of the richest men in the world, sit back and become even richer."

My turn to vomit. The innocent aren't being victimised - the guilty are being hauled over the coals. At least by some of the media. When are the Police and CPS going to get involved? The Barclays might well be cunts, but they're not stealing public money. This makes them lesser cunts than some of our MPs. These thieves need to be in jail.

Joe said...

I mailed the stupid cunt that she needs to STFU.


Quite. Where is the police action? 2 weeks of public information of fairly blatant potential criminality. They can't all be on stress related sick leave, can they? Come on Mr honourable Policeman. Please do the job you are paid to do, and the job you swear to Her Majesty to do. Get the criminals. What on earth are you waiting for?

JamesW said...

@Joe: "I mailed the stupid cunt that she needs to STFU."

I've just mailed Cameron and told him to tell her to STFU.

Henry North London 2.0 said...

actually the post winners and losers is no longer there. It was the post that shut her first blog down

David Davis said...

But she us a divorced single mother! You have to make some allownances....

She has clearly been victimised by people, probably a man.

I have read all her stuff: she was clearly under terrible stress, and has been terribly victimised.

At some time...

So of course she can say and do anything she likes.

Prats. How could you not have understood this?

Cate Munro said...

Oh my fucking God! I can't BELIEVE it! Thanks for bringing to my attention! WTF!! and WHAT does that blog look like!

Check out my tribute to Nadders:


Capt Frantic said...

Honestly, that cow wants to try MY world if she wants to know about genuine reasons for suicidal tendencies. I genuinely suffer from stress and depression due in part to a horrific murder attempt on my life a few years back (and partly due to having to live in a society such as ours). And how do I get treated ... a doctor tells blatant lies about me at my yearly medical and I get all my benefits removed leaving me in the position of having to beg for a £40 crisi loan every fucking week. The Electric people want to cut me off, my phone and internet will not survive another month, the local council want to evict me because I can't pay my Council Tax and I'm struggling to put a tin of beans on the table. Oh Nadine I feel so sorry for you ... now FUCK OFF!

Anonymous said...

Nadine' toast, and she knows it.

But you have to wonder whether the whips prevented MPs from speaking up sooner. Has anyone compiled a whips list from the DT's expenses saga?

Let's see how she fares, post June 2010 and whether she manages to maintain her current level of income and perks in the private sector, after her constituents boot her out.

Anonymous said...

Well, that wiped the smile off my smug face for the weekend!

Fidothedog said...

She needs a kick in the cunt.

Gladys Pew said...

Deselect the Hoon!

Ross said...

" "realising that with the Archbishops comments, that at least I had God on my side, I began to vomit." ".

Beyond parody.

Anonymous said...

I'd love to bend that Nadine Dorries over the sofa and .... oh sorry, wrong blog.

Don't Call Me Dave said...

I posted a message on her new blog asking if she only published fawning comments. Strangely, she chose not to publish it!

Anonymous said...

Fucking Nora - I have just vomited in my lap,having dared to try to read the shit that is her blog.

She sounds like a 15 yr old girl studying Hair Dressing at a local college - actually that insults the 15 yr old girl studying Hair Dressing at a local college.

This whole expenses scandal has also shown us - the UK public that
these fucking MP moron's are as thick as shit - no wonder the soldiers have crap gear,no wonder the police force is so disrespected,no wonder the NHS is in meltdown.

They all need to be shot and then we write the new rules and elect new MP's and govt on a 3 yr fixed term.
Anyone claiming for a pack of tampons is shot.