Oh, Alastair

Alastair Campbell's ever-enraging blog churns on. This particularly tendentious drivel caught CF's jaded eye earlier today:

The Tories are looking pretty cocky at the moment. The old 'born to rule' spring is returning to the Old Etonian step, I would say. On policy, of course, and any difficult decisions that have to be taken, they are keeping their heads down and hoping all the focus stays on Labour, and difficulties for Gordon Brown.

But it was this next paragraph, that caused a fuse deep in CF's mind to blow:

But in politics, as in sport, you have to worry about yourselves as well as your opponents. You should never be complacent, never take victory for granted, and always understand that if you don't truly deserve victory, you are unlikely to get it.

The tosser. A comment has been left on his blog, but just in case he moderates it away, CF said:

"..if you don't truly deserve victory, you are unlikely to get it."

Or perhaps, Ally, in the context of your mate Gordon, "If you don't truly deserve victory, best to delay the contest for as long as possible, and remain curled up under the bed clutching the previous winner's trophy".

Dear me, these people..