A bottomless pit of dishonesty?

And tonight's thieving bastard is .... David Chaytor. No, CF has never heard of him either.

But he's just leapt to fame as the latest to be named 'n' shamed (well, named - shame doesn't seem to happen with these gits) as the latest egregious consumer of taxpayers' money.

Although this one looks less like a pig than Elliot Whatshisface, who should be in prison by now (what, he isn't? he didn't even resign? Fuck me), he shares a taste for the trough.

What did you do, Davey C? Well, according to the Daily Telegraph:

"..between September, 2005, and August. 2006, Mr Chaytor claimed £1,175 a month for mortgage interest on a Westminster flat. However, Land Registry records show that the mortgage on the flat had already been paid off in January 2004. "

The fucking twat. Once again, "a mortgage already paid off": quite a polite way of describing a cost you claimed back that doesn't fucking exist. You know, like a meal you never ate, or a taxi you never took. A conscience you never had. A moral compass you never owned.

The whole sorry affair is getting depressingly repetitive now. Doubtless this numpty will appear on breakfast TV tomorrow, blame "the rules", claim to have paid "some" of the money back and then temporarily step down as Head of the Romeny Marsh and Dungeness Badger Appreciation Society, whilst conveniently forgetting to resign as an MP.

Dear God, is this pit fucking bottomless?



Ruth said...

Unfortunately CF I think the pit IS just about bottomless. As none of the troughers will actually resign I'm wondering whether we should each look around & where we've got a troughing MP locally - (and they're not ALL at it) - we should organise 'don't vote for X' actions just prior to the next GE. It just might sort out some of the fuckers & cause them to lose their seats.