"Pay It Back" - It's happening

The biggest yet result for The Pay It Back Campaign: Care Services Minister Phil Hope announced he would write a cheque for £41,709 to cover the cost of the furniture and fittings he claimed.

Accroding to the Daily Telegraph:

"The Corby and East Northants MP said that his announcement was unrelated to fears over his slender 1,517 majority – and said he should be able to find the money "within a week or so""

? Yeah right. That's the power we have over you. And don't forget, troughers: We're doing the 'Independent Scrutiny' now, before the tame committee opens the whitewash tins.

As CF said before:

"Write a cheque .. we'll all know exactly what kind of an MP and person you are, how we feel about you specifically (rather than the troughing class as a whole) and whether we'll let you keep your job. The 'Court of Public Opinion', if you will.

Feel free to pay it all back just for good publicity even though you secretly don't think you should - at least we'll have our money back. Pay back as little, or as much, as you're willing to justify personally."

Looks like Phil Hope was paying attention.


Don't Call Me Dave said...

Even if he pays the money back, he should be thrown out at the election. He's only paying the money back because he got caught - he would still be troughing if it wasn't for the telegraph.

subrosa said...

I heard one of them is offering to pay back over 20 years and thought it was this one. So many to choose from ...