An anti-Dave petition? Nice try

Somebody in the bowels of the Labour spin machine ("adverts to irritate you, paid for by you") has noticed that a huge number of people have signed the "Oh, do fuck off Gordon" petition. Over 52,000 in fact. That's quite a groundswell of popular opinion, eh? Pretty hard for the target to ignore. (but clearly not impossible, because he bloody well is ignoring it)

So, the spinner thought, imagine if we could have a similar petition to damage that nasty Dave.

And here it is.

The page, for those that really can't be arsed to visit it (good, keep the hits down) claims

"David Cameron has refused to commit to maintaining child benefit and winter fuel allowances at the same level as the Labour Government"

The evil bastard. So that's his secret plan. How could he? Something must be done. The site bleats on

He talks of an “age of austerity” but he must answer the question “austerity for who?” Sign our petition now to help request an answer…

And that's it. Sign our petition to make the Leader of the Opposition answer a rhetorical question. What the fuck?

Pathetic. No really. Pathetic.

UPDATE: as a commenter points out "Austerity for who?" is not even a grammatically correct sentence. For fuck's sake.


talwin said...

"...austerity for WHOM.." I think. New Labour education, eh?

Constantly Furious said...

"...austerity for WHOM.." I think. New Labour education, eh?
Damn' right. And "Sign our petition now to help request an answer" is not exactly poetry either.

Probably knocked up by some biz studies graduate on 100k a year

Anonymous said...

Clutching at straws! Only the Labour Party itself and the dumbass blind labour supporters will sign it.

Today we are punished with more labour antics via Jacqui Smith and her famous least wanted - humilating for her now she's getting sued! Poor little Jaqui!

Ed Balls and his 58m tax-payer spend on training social workers when the money should be spent getting more of them. What a useless wanker he is.

Gordon Brown has tried to "let go" by giving parents a "say" - wow, aren't we all so impressed!

Now they want to attack Cameron? No matter what strategy they pursue, they are doomed because they have lost their credibility and the public dont trust them. When this happens, it's all over.

Even Eamon Holmes was mocking Gordon Brown on TV this morning.

I would like to see Labour destroyed and come behind LibDems at the General Election. Anything short of this would be a great injustice.

brownlie said...


I suspect that we "aint seen nothing yet" when the dirty tricks brigade gear up for the election. Every time I see Brown I'm reminded of Frankie Boyle's description of him as "a sad face drawn on a pensioner's scrotum" and he displays that on u-tube.

Anonymous said...

The age of austerity is like a wind coming from Brown's arse after he has shat on the UK.

Who are these clowns, deep in the bunkers of Labour HQ. Do they really think anyone buys that shit about Cameron's age of austerity.

I think people will remember who sold the gold, raided the pensions of the private sector, gave billions to dying failed companies, signed away the sovereignty of this nation without the mandate of the people, fought two illegal wars without giving the lads the required equipment, flooded the country with worthless third world scum, handed billions in aid to countries that have nuclear weaponry etc

And some fucking smug cunt with a labour rose up is arse thinks for one moment we will forget, priceless.

I seem to recall Brown declaring the end of spin, which was in itself spin as there has never been more ill concieved ugly pathetic campaigning outside of Zimbabwe.

I personally hope they all get cancer.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, what they said: "whom"! Quarterwits!

CryBaby, Jackboots got England listening to Mike Savage, so isn't she a silly cow?

Listen to Savage's rebuttal:

Constantly Furious said...

That's it everyone - get furious, stay furious. Share the fury.

Anonymous said...

I notice it's not like the No 10 petitions - no numbers of sgnatories given so if they get 5 signatures, they can claim they got 50K. Lying ****s! Meanwhile Gordon's 'Go Now' petition is doing well, currently 54,059 sigs.

Zoompad said...

Ed Boll*cks has allowed people from the Kinsey Institute to head his Children Schools and Families initiative.

The Kinsey Institute has such a terrible reputation of perverts that they had to commission a Hollywood blockbuster to spin a web of lies about Alfred Kinsey, Liam Neeson played the part of that vile snake Kinsey, don't know if he realised he was playing the part of a chap who paid a paedophile to seduce kids in Belsen or not.

This bleeding government has been a curse on this country.