Does Gordon need a poo?

When discussing elsewhere (yes, CF sometimes hangs wit' the Clown) the differences between CallMeDave's and Gordo's approaches to their numerous troughing MP's, CF concluded the following.

It's a nice, simple analogy; one can that be discussed with the children, perhaps over a family meal. Or possibly, one can that be discussed by spin-doctors, with a view to a party-political broadcast with a strong and memorable message.

Both of the main parties are absolutely busting for a crap, to urgently void themselves of all the nasty troughing turds.

Dave's sensible: he's getting on with it, behind a nearby bush. We're all pointing, laughing and complaining about the smell, but he knows that, depsite the current humiliation, he'll soon be done.

Gordon, on the other hand, is desperately holding on, teeth clenched, sweating furiously, in the hope that for some reason he'll get away with it, and he won't need to go after all. Then won't Dave look silly, squatting over there, with shit on his shoes.

And we all know where that's going to lead: eventually, Gordon's going to give a piercing scream and keel over, vomiting, with his trousers filled with shit and blood.

Pretty analogy, no?

UPDATE: Sunny Hundal, over on Liberal Conspiracy, sees things very differently: "Most of the scalps so far have been Conservative, thanks to their headline-grabbing gaffes."

Ahahahahahahahaahahaha!!!!! Yeah, right.



Obnoxio The Clown said...

I'm so proud of having been a part of this post. :o)

Di5grace said...

Pure Poetry in motion

RantinRab said...

Poetry in motions more like! Excellent post, sums it up nicely.

Anonymous said...

They're suffering from constipation. They need a good clear out.

Cate Munro said...

That's fucking hilarious . . .and likely true!
(The analogy's frighteningly graphic - does that suggest that you guys have experienced both positions . . ? ;-))

Anonymous said...

Iv heard through the grapevine about half wits such as yourself, but now I'm able to see for myself what loathsome people have access to the Internet these days.

Sad, pathetic, childish and obnoxious.

Four words that cover your very soul, or at least, a lack of one.

Anonymous said...

NLBG, no one forces you to read this blog.

Perhaps if you grew a pair we wouldn't be so fucking cross and want to string you up by your cock from the nearest lampost.

Please accept a full refund and the exit is over there.

Macheath said...

In a similar scatological vein, there's an old saying that governments and nappies need to be changed regularly, and for the same reason.

Leg-iron said...

When the Brown Gorgon finally lets

I just hope we have enough fans for it all to hit.

Anonymous said...

No Leader But Gordon?

Which party do you support then?

Anonymous said...

Kin ell, did not know you had a webby CF.

Looks good enuff to book!

So, booking you in my favourits between to Crumpet and Fornication.

Can't be arsed with a Googly A/c