The reluctant Speaker

UPDATE: And he's gone. The Speaker resigns. As CF's new resident comments troll points out, that makes the story below "a non-story squared". CF's not hugely bothered by that, as there be one less trougher in the House tonight. Mind you, we don't know when yet. Don't believe the bastard 'til the corpse has stopped twitching.
Traditionally, a newly elected speaker (or, in recent years, the latest Labour stooge) pretends to show reluctance to take on the role, and has to play at being 'dragged' to the chair.

This dates back to the time when the speaker had good reason to be reluctant: he was responsible for reporting back to the Monarch and a speaker delivering bad news could find themselves just as headless as the current government.

Oh, if only that still held true; CF would pay a lot of money for a front row seat on the Mall, to watch the venal fuckwit Martin being beheaded. Ideally with a very blunt axe.

CF suspects that, along with his piss-poor understanding of Parliamentary protocols (after only 10 years in the role - what the fuck were all those "fact finding" trips for?), Gorbals Mick has little understanding of the traditions of the house.

He's completely misunderstood - he obviously thinks he's supposed to show reluctance to leave the role. And, shit, isn't he doing that well?



Anonymous said...

What a load of fuckin shite.

Anonymous said...

Anon, what's a load of fuckin' shite?

If you mean Speaker Martin's miserable performance yesterday in which he so ably demonstrated his ineptitude, then you are so right.

RavingMad said...

Like most new stassi believers, it is the population who just doesn't understand. These fraudulent troughers just can't get enough of bleedin' the system. Dissolve parliament now becauyse it has no relevance to the UK anymore and we could do with the cash!

Constantly Furious said...

Anonymous (bravely) said...What a load of fuckin shite.I could delete this, but it just seems wrong to stifle intelligent debate.

Anonymous said...

I think you'd be better employed deleting the article. Unless of course you want people to think you're as piss poor at blogging as Speaker Martin is at speakering.

I've seen you spam Guido's blog many times and just out of curiousity I gave you a chance. Unfortunately for you it was this piss poor non-story.

You really have to do better than that!

Anonymous said...

Dissolve Parliament immediately.

The public - as well as the Parliament/media/authorities - need at least a month to get clear exactly who has;

1.) stolen/defrauded and hence face criminal investigation

2.)exceeded the spirit of the rules (the moats/TV's etc)and face a damn good grilling from their constituents and subsequent deselection.

3.been TOTALLY trustworthy and without any blame for their expenses claims and can continue in the knowledge they are to be trusted by their constituents.

To carry on with Parliament now until July is unrealistic.

The expenses system needs to be re-written by the end of May (listen to Steve Easterbrook,CEO of McDonalds UK,appearing on last week's Question Time, who cannot believe that cash expenses has been handled in this way - it would never be so in any business in this country and he rightly says this can be sorted within 48 hrs).
Once the system is sorted,we then have a General Election circa early July.
There is now a constitutional crisis,not just surrounding the behaviour of the Speaker,but the whole Parliament.It must be dissolved and the whole thing re-built with the electorate deciding who remains an MP,which current MP's are not re-elected and which new MP's are elected (hopefully a load of Independents,as the whole Party system has corrupted the way Parliament behaves,especially under the Brown administration which does politics before anything,including the safety and wellbeing of this fine country.
By the way,how interesting that it takes a man who runs a chain of fast food outlets to bring the greatest clarity to the table.

Anonymous said...

Anyway, it looks like Speaker Martin has now decided to resign.

So, a non-story squared!!

RantinRab said...

Congrats CF! You've got your very own wee troll! Lucky bastard.

Constantly Furious said...

Rab C. Nesbitt said...
Congrats CF! You've got your very own wee troll! Lucky bastard
Aye, Rab; the place seems more mainstream since he was installed. But feel free to borrow him if you want.

Contact details are .. no .. haven't got any.

Anonymous said...

Obviously neither you nor the Scotch git know what a troll is either.

Hint: It's someone who pretends to controversial opinions to bait twats.

Everything I've posted is what I truly believe to be the case.

Don't Call Me Dave said...

I find it amazing how these gutless idiots only leave anonymous messages. Do their mummys not allow them onto the computer? If you think CF is talking pants, then have the balls to stand up and be counted.

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah. And the other thing is that it's very pisspoor sad for a blogger to be firsted by the comments thread.

You really do need to go back to blogging school, Mr Furious.

You haven't even got an imaginative name, fer fuxake!!

Anonymous said...

I am standing up and being counted. I'm telling you what I think.

What else do you need to know?

I'm giving free advice.

Take it, or leave it. I couldn't give a fuck!

Constantly Furious said...

Anonymous said...
I am standing up and being counted
Run that by me again?

Anonymous said...
I am standing up and being counted

Unknown said...

Politics does my head in (I thought the speaker of the house just shouted "Order order" then picked up his hard earned wages)but even I can see we, the real people, are being fucked over by my once beloved Labour party. Here's the man we need:

Match anyone?

Now I'm off to read the bloggers that know a thing or two about these things, just like this one (CF's.)

Anonymous said...

There seems to be an echo in this blog too.

Oh well. I suppose it makes it look busier in the meantime, till you get a grown-up blog.

Next time you spam Guido's, it might be better if you tell readers that yours is a nursery slopes kinda blog.

Otherwise adults might be startled by the untermenshen nature of the posts.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with anonymous. This blog takes the best from Guido's blog and also newspapers and turns it into a "look behold! I've found out the news first" waste of time, waste of blog space and yes I'll be anonymous too as I would hate to upset this IQ of a flea blogger or/and his family that are obviously writing and posting such stupid messages backing this poor wannabee who really can't think for himself but can only reword other bloggers post and subsequent comments.........Constantly Furious has much to learn. Copyright laws and plagiarism would be a good start.

Another anonymous

Anonymous said...

Is a youong teen writing this blog? It is an insult to adult bloggers to read such diatribe.

Anonymous said...

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