The Green Book is "My Bible" says Muslim MP. Ha!

So, the 'Justice' minister Malik has stepped down. Good.

Pity he didn't resign as an MP, or hurl himself into the Thames, but all in good time.

CF is surprised he waited as long as he did to quit.

Perhaps he felt he needed a couple more hours to make a total arse of himself on various TV news shows, and ensure that we all knew exactly how not sorry he was.

Ironic that he doesn't feel sorry; he's got more to be sorry about than most. This little piggy was the outright winner of the 'MP's screwing the taxpayer' award in 2008, run by Letters From a Tory. LFAT has done all the maths:

"the clear winner of the award for the MP who cost the taxpayer the most money is… Shahid Malik from the Labour Party! He cost you and me £185,421 in a single year, which was £7,300 more than any other MP in the entire country"

So, you tosser, a little bit of humility might not have gone amiss today, eh?

He also tried to combine his non-apology with an attack on the Tories: saying that while he acknowledged his 1000 pound television might seem like "a lot of money" to his constituents (no shit?), at least "it wasn't a tennis court". You twat.

And, while he pledged to donate the cash he claimed for the television to 'worthy local causes' in his constituency, he made sure to remind us

"I am not doing it because I have done anything wrong.."

Thanks for clearing that up, you cock.

He also said that, as an MP, the official expenses fiddlers' manual known as the Green Book was "our bible". So, Malik, as a Muslim, we know exactly how much attention you're going to pay to that then, don't we? Fuckwit.

CF is not remotely surprised at the total silence from Gordon Brown on this: either he's maintaining his usual stubborn, in denial, silence or -- more likely -- he's as speechless as the rest of us.

Letters From a Tory is not speechless though; let a quote from him close this piece:

"You are the victim, the system is wrong, you were within the rules, blah blah blah. Grow up, you pathetic excuse for a decent and honest politician"

CF couldn't put it better himself.



It doesn't add up... said...

The Green Book truly is his "bible"

Anonymous said...

i agree a total twat! sraight out of the kieth vaz school of honesty should be fucking shot!

Anonymous said...

So, why didn't UDDIN the whore resign? She was actually much worse than this fucker.

tom miller said...

Me want sucky sucky MPs willy

Anonymous said...

loved the comment about tory millionaires, labour equality policy rip of vast amounts of tax money so all the labour mp are millionaires end of discrimination twat

Anonymous said...

A Minister of JUSTICE?
And he's only been in Parliament since 2005?
He tried to claim for an Ipod and a DVD player too.
Of course,his boss is Jack Straw who has such trouble with accountancy and numbers,which just are not his strong point,according to himself.
You could not make any of this up.

Anonymous said...

Still no one has commented upon what Stephen Fry said recently, that this expenses business was nothing, that it was a trumped up media frenzy. Conclusions such as that, dreamed up by a luvvie defending those of his own class and persuasion, are disgusting.

Anonymous said...

This is what happens when otherwise unemployable sacks of shite with fuck all in the way of qualifications or indeed positive qualities gets into a position of authority.
Shit fan interface. Im Loving this.