A home fit for a Baroness

According to the Evening Standard, some wealthy chap who has clearly not been taxed enough yet has been told that in order to get planning permission to convert some flats, he's got to stump up 4.5 million quid to Wstminster Council for some 'affordable homes'. Apparently:

Plans for the conversion were lodged last September by a consortium led by the owner of The Ivy but stalled as they included no affordable housing ... Tonight, councillors are expected to approve Caring's plans in return for £4,548,000 for affordable housing in the borough.

Isn't that what used to be called extortion, in the good ol' days? The councillors may say the money's for affordable housing, but basically its just a top-up for their coffers.

Mind you, they'll be desperate for a top-up: the same coffers were depleted by a fuck sight more than that when they lost 17 million in dodgy Icelandic Banks.

CF doesn't suppose the victim of the extortion, Richard Caring, is that bovvered, as he's one of those chefs who haven't cooked as much as an omlette for five years as they're too busy opening Restaurants named after them that they'll never set foot in again, and is therefore entirely deservedly worth 400 fucking million quid.

But there is a silver lining, a lovely bonus. If Westminster Council are actually as good as their word, and build some affordable housing for the poor 'n' needy, the fragrant Baroness Troffin, sorry, Uddin and her extended family can move in! Even nearer to the office, and even more profit on the unreceipted travel expenses.


Anonymous said...

According to a family member who has to deal with the corrupt local planning officials around the country, this is the tip of a very large iceberg.

Anonymous said...

Indeed. And we all know what icebergs are capable of.

Anonymous said...

Let the residents see if £4 million worth of affordable housing is built. Somehow I doubt it will be.