Oh Nadine, DO shut up

Nadine Dorries, the Tory MP embroiled in her very own special twist on the expenses scam, really doesn't know when to stop fucking digging.

The various 'facts' and allegations are so bloody mind-numbingly, arse-clenchingly tangled and tedious that they really don't bear repeating here.

It's what the stupid woman is doing now that's so infuriating. Dragging her sorry arse from studio to studio; writing long-winded, self-pitying rants on her blog; claiming that the Telegraph is running a "witch-hunt" (a witch-hunt, you silly bitch? Witches were innocent); drawing comparisons with McCarthyism; alleging that its now so 'awful' at the House of Commons that

"People are constantly checking to see if others are OK. Everyone fears a suicide. If someone isn't seen, offices are called and checked."

Dear god. What utter bollocks.

And who the fuck does she thinks this festival of imbecility is helping?

She's not helping herself: she looks sillier and sillier as she becomes shriller and shriller. There's not yet enough evidence for CallMeDave to sack her, but he must wish there was. He's going to have to sack her for the lesser crime of being fucking irritating soon.

She's not helping fellow MP's - none of us believe they're feeling suicidal, and none of us would feel remotely sorry for the troughing bastards even if they did.

She's certainly not helping the Tories - the left-of-centre blogs are having an absolute field day with this 'typical Tory'. Tim Ireland has - as is his wont - written reams about her, and has spent the morning sitting one-handed, with his trousers 'round his ankles, Twittering '#sackdorries' every five fucking minutes.

Hoppi Sen compares her to Sarah Palin:

"..in the way she’s an absloute embarrassment to the Conservative party whenever she’s put near a microphone.

(oh, and that she offers rather confused explanations when accused of personally benefitting from her political career)"

He's not wrong.

The labour-luvvin' blogs are delighted at the chance to pretend to forget that all the really big sleaze is on the Labour benches, with a big slice of that in the fucking Cabinet.

Only Iain Dale, who makes no secret that he fucking adores the woman, has fallen silent. And that in itself is just as telling.

The stupid woman is sucking up gallons, tons, acres of anger that should be used elsewhere.

Why is Hazel Blears still a cabinet minister? Why are the bloody Balls completely untouched (yes, yes). Why the fuck isn't Elliot Morely in prison yet?

And why, why-oh-fucking-why hasn't Baroness Uddin been dragged onto the streets and hung from a lamp-post?

All the real crooks and fraudsters are having a little bit of 'quiet time', away from the spotlight to cover their tracks, rally their supporters and begin to wonder if, maybe, they're going to get away with it.

All because Nadine just will not, cannot, shut the fuck up.

Its a shame, really, that the 1950's are over, and its no longer acceptable to give a hysterical woman a ringing slap:

Dammit, be *smack* quiet, woman.

UPDATE: according to gorgeous, pouting Tory Totty, CallMeDave has made a statement to distance himself and the party from this drooling nutter. Not a sacking, but a good start.

UPDATE 2: as of a little after 10pm tonight (Friday) the crazy bitch's blog has gone offline. Really, properly 'Server Error' gone. Who did this? Tim Ireland will be delighted. CallMeDave will be relieved.

(hat-tip to Chris Paul at LabourOfLove for the image)


Fausty said...

This MPs' expenses saga is shedding light on the characters of MPs.

I had seen Nadine as a down-to-earth fighter who could reach ordinary people.

Now, she appears to be self-serving, seeking to protect herself by fingering the fees office. Integrity is highly personal. We all face temptation. It is our strength of character and moral sense which prevents us from yielding to temptation.

Undoubtedly, the lady doth protest too much. She might wish to seek alternative work at the next election.

SE6 said...

Well said.

You've managed to express my sentiments far better than I could have. DC has to shut her up, and fast.

paulmathome said...

Hear hear, I used to like her but I don't now

Nads has lost it, shame

Anonymous said...

YES she is being stupid. we don't CARE if you are upset you stupid woman. You should have thought of that before you wrote your blog

Don't Call Me Dave said...

Every MP should now be thrown out - even those who were not fiddling the system - on the basis of being accessories to theft. They all knew what was going on but said nothing and did nothing.

Don't Call Me Dave said...

CF - Maybe Nadine's blog has topped itself?

Matthew Hopkins (Withfinder General) said...

> Witches were innocent

That's not entirely true. Some of them had warts, or birth marks, or even third nipples.

Capt Frantic said...

Awesome. My first reaction when I heard about Nadine's pathetic bleating about suicidal tendencies was an unashamed "Hoorah!" ... remember the CSA (Commit Suicide Agency).

I'm not surprised her blog is down. It's probably halfway on it's way to Hades under the weight of all the comments offering to sell her a long piece of rope.

Hugh Dennis said...

Milfy Milfy!

Anonymous said...

These stupid waste of space bitches really fucking piss me off. They never seem to move on from that me me me teenage mentality, whining about everything and doing fuck all. The men who support them are even stupider cunts, although I suspect most of them are gay, whch tells its own story.

Nadine is the sort of stupid cunt woman who should never be allowed near politics. They just totally take the piss and then when it's pointed out they go all girly with their poor wee me shite. Blokes can't do that cos everyone would just laugh. But women use the extra protections that society has provided for them to attack anyone who scrutinises their behaviour. And this will always be a problem until we stop treating females as defenceless children and ask them to take responsibility like adults.

It's not as if we're getting any added value having these bitches in public life. Most of them are a useless waste of space occupying positions that would be better handled by men. But when they won't take responsibility for their actions, what the fuck is the point of them?

Even women who have to work under them would have prefer to work under a man because the bitches just don't seem capable of handling authority without being ridiculously bossy and pissing everyone off.

It's about time this ridiculous PC experiment in social engineering was brought to an end and woman had their very obvious limitations explained to them in no uncertain manner.