BBC's subtle dig?

The BBC has given the Coalition government's endlessly fascinating antics blanket coverage ever since the two-headed, many-armed beast was born.

Even the minor kerfuffle caused by a lot of excitable fragrant rice merchants setting fire to everything and slaying one another seems have been demoted to the bottom of the page on Beeb's news front page.

Even the fact that BP are doing the mega-eco equivalent of pissing like an energetic horse into the Gulf of Mexico can only be found on the 'International' section.

But, in spite of this single-mindedness, it seems someone at Aunty is bored, perhaps pissed off at the attention that the Blue 'n' Yellers are getting. How else to explain this?

What? Clegg's nearly-bloody-historical speech the other day, Cambo's slick presentation today. The BBC hails it as a 'Radical' coalition deal, and what's the next key point? 

"Radical Coalition Deal Unveiled .. Home Info Packs Scrapped".

Are they taking the piss?



JohnRS said...

Usual Pravda line.

Nothing to see here, move along.

Joe Public said...

At least it's a positive start.

HIP's are/were a total & utter waste of time & homeowner's money.

Mrs Rigby said...

Yes they are, but HIPs are unpopular and an unnecessary cost - so the electorate will like to see them go, so it's a bit of an own goal to put this at the top of the list!

Jill said...

I do some freelance work comparing the main news outlet websites in the UK and I'd agree that the BBC main page (UK rather than World) simply doesn't carry enough stories, and the headlining is very poor. However, you can't argue with the depth on the site. I'd also continue to disagree about the leftie bias - John R's Pravda analogy is correct in the sense that Auntie tends to bolster the establishment - whichever political hue has the reins of government.

Have you looked at the Independent's website front page lately? It's unbelievably bad.

On a personal level, I prefer aggregators by email. Wot wiv being a bit of a pinko, I go for International Clearing House.