Image doesn't matter

Image doesn't matter. It really doesn't. Superficialities are totally, utterly unimportant. Really.

So, how do you feel when you look at this picture?

What about this one?

Really, image doesn't matter. At all. Don't let it influence you. Don't let it make you feel better about the future, faintly hopeful, slightly positive.

That would be foolish, right?

(especially for Boaty & D: they love this kind of thing)


John Demetriou said...

Since when have I ever showed any remote interest for trivial shite like that? Ever?

You really are a pathetic excuse of a mischievous, lying turd aren't you?

If you want to smear us, try saying stuff that might be considered true. I don't know, like something based on what we've actually said.

Get a life, cock. Just because I slagged you off on twitter, you pop back onto this COuntry Club pile o' shite to have a knock.


Ollie Cromwell said...

@JD Well you clearly read CF whoever you are. Until you replied I had no idea who he was talking about. ;-)

JuliaM said...

"Until you replied I had no idea who he was talking about."

Tee hee! Pwd, as I believe the kiddies say these days... ;)

Timdog said...

@Ollie Cromwell - ROFL!!!