He's not wrong

Alastair Campbell is a loathsome human being. He's probably been a major behind-the-scenes player in David Laws' demise - you wouldn't put it past the bastard, would you?

However, CF is forced, grudgingly, to admit that Campbell's take on G-g-g-gaygate is not totally, utterly wrong:

".. I feel some personal sympathy for Laws .. but none for David Cameron and Nick Clegg, who both milked the expenses scandal for all it was worth .. If there is one good thing to come out of this, it might make them feel less prone to mount a high horse whenever a bandwagon is passing."

So as they now try to turn this from a story of expenses to a story of a human tragedy - which it is - do not forget it is also a story about leadership. If Laws, in Cameron and Clegg's eyes, did nothing wrong - and their statements would suggest that is their basic take - and if he is so brilliant, then they might have put up more of a fight to keep him"

The detestable git is not wrong, is he? Bad Al also has some words of wisdom for Cleggy:

"Clegg should use this to take stock. He came third in the election. He did not do as well as he or anyone else expected him to. Yet he is now deputy PM. That is beginning to rankle with a few people, and requires him to strike a slightly different tone.

"So calm down a bit, Nick. Underclaim and over deliver. When you go around saying a ragbag of constitutional proposals .. represents the biggest change since the Great Reform Act .. people start to wonder whether you are not inhaling your own propaganda too much."

Well, yeah...



Deenzy said...

He is still a cunt though

What I can't stand about AC is his moralising on the behaviour of our fledgling new Government when he was the puppet master of the worst and most corrupt, incompetent Government this country has ever had the misfortune of ruling over it. He should just shut the fuck up

Welshman said...

You know what I am so pissed off about this.

The fact of the matter is he committed fruad to the tune of £40k.

It does not matter whether his is gay, hetrosexual, black, or white, you cannot get away from the fact he did wrong.

Now all over the press and various blogs we see people saying how much of a good person he was and how much integrity he had and how he would be missed and how he will be back one day.

It just goes to show that politics has not changed, it does not matter who is in power be it ConDem, Liebore or anyone else, they are all troughing bastards.

I hope the Telegraph has more of these stories and more people of all parties fall.

When will these people realise, they are here to serve us?

Anyway, in regards to AC, his has hit the nail on the head here (Must be a first for that slime ball)

Dioclese said...

He needed to resign not because he was dishonest or because he got caught.

He needed to go because he was stupid - and if there is one thing this government cannot afford it is stupid cabinet ministers.

JohnRS said...

The whole chattering class, and not just Bad Al, seems unable to separate Laws' sexuality from his financial corruption. In newspapers, on the TV and radio, on the internet etc all I see is this deliberate entangling of the two topics as if in some way they were actually realted to eachother. It's everywhere.

As an ordinary voter, worker, citizen etc and not one of the talking heads that are trying to tell me what to think, I dont give a monkeys if Laws is gay, or not, if he's "out", or not, even if he likes anchovies, or not.

I do, however, care deeply about him stealing from me.

Jill said...

But John R - isn't the point that had he been out, they'd either have had a joint mortgage (in which case the expenses would have been the same) or gone into a civil partnership (in which case the expenses would have doubled).

That's why people aren't seeing it as stealing. I don't think anybody is saying had he been out he'd have had no expenses.

I personally think it's clear he should have gone - but his dishonesty doesn't seem financial to me.

Anonymous said...

He's not wrong, no maybe not this time but he is the mouthpiece for the most inept Government ever to infest our country. He has also still to answer the question set by Chilcott on what were the grounds for his insertion of the phrase "beyond doubt" in a dossier which took our Nation to a War on a false Premise. Now thats as bad as it gets dont you think !!!