Weasel words

As you might expect, grinning perma-tanned war criminal Tony B-Liar has joined the enormous queue of imbeciles heaping totally insincere praise upon the oddly-shaped head of former (oooh, that feels good - former, former, former) Prime Minister, Gordon Brown:

"I pay tribute to the dignity, courage and leadership he has shown in these last few days and to the quite extraordinary service he has given to our country in 13 years of government.."

Well, where to begin, eh? Firstly, no-one believes a fucking word B-Liar says. Never have, never will.

Secondly, even if we were tempted to do so, why would he say that about the man who usurped him? Let's pick the bones out of this particular statement:

Dignity: well, we can knock that one on the head straight away, can't we? Where was the dignity in this campaign? Did the unfortunate Gillian Duffy find McBroon 'dignified? Did anyone? Where, in fact, has been the dignity in any of Broon's misrule?

Courage: when did that happen? When he avoided meeting anyone other than activists? When he hid in Downing Street, with the TV cameras waiting outside? He may have written a whole book on the subject, but it ain't a quality ever demonstrated in office.

Leadership: nope. The silence was deafening. Mandy did most of the legwork, both in the last hours of the campaign, and during the confused hours and days afterwards.

So, Gordon, was Teflon Tone praising you, or just burying you?



Anonymous said...

Just watching some cumguzzler called stephen pound on sky heaping praise on McCunt-what is wrong with these nutjobs?this arsewipe and his comrades have wrecked our great country,if there were any justice in this world they would all be horsewhipped to death.