Poor little rich girl

She's back. Everyone's favourite tweeter, blogger and mindless astro-turfer, Bevanite Ellie, has returned to the airwaves.

Speaking from the smoking wreckage of an election campaign she launched, she tweeted and she was desperate to succeed, Ellie's in an analytical mood.

"Each day the Labour Party is out of government is another day the people we should always represent are vulnerable"

Yeah? Who are the 'people' who must 'always' be represented? The enormous sprawling public sector? The gigantic client state of welfare recipients? Gordon Brown himself?

Speaking of McBroon, Ellie wants us to know that it was very much not the beloved leader's fault that Labour were humiliated at the election. Oh no.

"It was not an awkward smile, or stiffness on camera which made the semi-skilled workers of this country desert our party.."

Hang on. What? The "semi skilled workers"?

And doesn't that little phrase, casually thrown in, tell you all you need to know about the littlest Champagne Socialist? "the semi skilled workers". For fuck's sake.

Imagine if an eeevil Tory had referred to a whole swathe of voters in that condescending, patronising way, eh? Ellie and friends would have had a field day.

Thanks for popping back from your stay in Paris, taking time off your studies, to let us know that it's those 'semi-skilled workers' who just don't get what Labour are all about.

Poor little rich girl.



Obnoxio The Clown said...

At least it's more honest than "hard-working families", FFS.

Christ. I'm defending something Bevanite Ellie said. Someone please kill me -- and quickly!

Catosays said...

Arrogant, condescending little bitch!

Constantly Furious said...

@ commenter #1:

Who are you, and how did you get hold of Obo's login details?

Anonymous said...

You would though, wouldn't you???

Chuckles said...

I think it says a lot about the modest achievements Labour were able to achieve, and which they much to be modest about.
Where previously the UK was renowned as the home of cunning linguists and engineering artificers, not to mention skilled workers, the strain of the 21st century meant that the 5 year tractor plan could only deliver semi-skilled.
While we had the shepherds of the flock, perhaps we not have the little crooks on the staff to make it possible?

Quiet_Man said...

Oh I certainly would, but I wouldn't respect her in the morning either patronising little cow.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I certainly would - straight up her arse - sans lube.

Anonymous said...

Semi literate child !

none said...

What's a (slightly) pretty thing like that doing getting mixed up with a bunch of horrendous bigoted thugs like IngSoc?

Mrs Rigby said...


Maybe she should team up with Bob Crow, who's supposed to represent those 'semi-skilled workers' who maintain our railways.


Bill Sticker said...

"Each day the Labour Party is out of government is another day the people we should always represent are vulnerable"

Ah, she must mean all those newly unemployed New Labour political staffers, poor lambs. Those are the 'semi=skilled' she refers to. Not real people at all. Panic over.

Anonymous said...

I hate the k*nt.

I was going to say more but basically, that's what it boils down to.

Anonymous said...

Looks like the little darling changed her blog, no mention of semi-skilled except in the comments.

Anonymous said...

Good grief.

What silly little child.

To think Hague still gets a hard time for his 16 year old incarnation, I hope the brainless witterings of this young woman are brought up at every opportunity.

Mummy and daddy must be very proud of her...

Stuart O'Grady said...

Jesus have you read this woman's bio page -

"I’m an unashamedly, but sometimes embarrassingly, passionate supporter of the Labour Party, our history and all that we’ve done in the past 13 years to make this country a better place to live"

What is she on? Because seriously if she thinks 13 years of Labour have made this country a better place I want some!

Captain Haddock said...

Ellie who ?????

Anonymous said...