Bring it on

So, CallMeDave and his multi-coloured gang have rolled their sleeves up, put on some rubber gloves, held their breath and had a good look under the rug and in the back of all the cupboards.

And what they have found is, unsurprisingly, a monstrous fucking mess.

We all know that Gordon Brown and his laughably inept minions pissed far more money down a variety of drains than we actually had, but what is now becoming clear is that - with the election looming - they accelerated the rate of pissing, and threw away as much of our money as they could.

Those Ministers who were deluded enough to believe that Labour might win the election pumped cash into margin seats, bribing voters to stay with the red team:

"£420m of school building contracts, many targeting Labour marginals, signed off by Ed Balls, the former schools secretary, weeks before the general election was called"

Just when you thought it wasn't possibly to hate that blinky git more, he raises his game, and leaves you pining for a chance to smash his stupid smug face in.

Those who suspected, rightly, that they didn't have a hope, decided to leave a nasty little surprise for whoever came to replace them, in that tribal, vindictive style that characterised the last Government.

Lib Dem Danny Alexander believes that Labour may have been reluctant to do a coalition deal with the Lib Dems because they knew what was in store for an incoming government. He put it delicately:

".. one of the things they've been doing over the past few months is laying a few stink bombs around Whitehall, and maybe some of them knew that and didn't want to be there when they went off"

Right. CF would have talked more in terms of turds in drawers and piss in kettles, but yes, we get the picture.

So, now the ConDems have got their work cut out. Dave, George, Nick and Vince are going to have to give the bloated, complacent public sector a right fucking shoeing.

Already, the boy wonders (and Vince) have announced that they're going to scrap bonuses for senior civil servants: a start, but a drop in the ocean.

The upcoming emergency budget is going to be painful. Really, really painful. A shit load of savage cuts, and hikes in taxes to plug the gaps.

Bring it on.



JohnRS said...

A new billboard campaign is needed listing the corrupt behaviour of the last months of NuLieBore's rule.

The size of each secret deal and which NuLieBore creature signed it would be good, plus an idea of how many teachers, nurses, doctors and policemen (to use McNutter's chosen units) it equates to.

They want to play dirty, lets get some real dirt out for the public to see.

Northampton Saint said...

Problem is, this LibCon, ConDem, whatever, will make the cuts that will prove SOOO unpopular, but still won't be enough, the coalition will collapse, and we'll have the old bastards back

Captain Haddock said...

Brilliant idea John ..

McSnot & his cohorts laid the traps .. let the public be made aware of them and just how large they are ..

If that doesn't finish inherently corrupt, vindictive & utterly pointless Socialism for all time, nothing will ..

Pete said...

Excellent idea.

And while we're at it how about using the real units like
"Cultural Diversity Officer £65,387",
"Environmental Operations Delivery Norfolk & Suffolk Support Team Member £34,287" or
"Office of Fair Trading Economist £65,000 plus excellent benefits"

3 non jobs = £165,000 = a lot of nurses/policemen/teachers etc

paulo said...


Just how much do you think policemen, teachers, nurses earn?

A copper just out of training in London earns £30k. It doesn't take long for a teacher to be earning £30k or nurses for that matter. Those non-jobs probably equal 4 or 5 of your other public sector jobs!


Chuckles said...

No government may bind another, although that is definitely what was also intended. Simply reverse the lot, shouting it from the rooftops and showing the 3rd rate 3rd world profligacy of these marxist student politics refugees.