Pickpocketed by Europe

While our various wannabe PM's circle each other nervously, and the media work themselves in a frenzy, what are our friends over in Europe up to?

Why, they're up to their usual tricks: helping themselves to our fucking money.

The Euro is in crisis, thanks to the profligate, retire-at-45-on-a-full-pension Greeks. José Manuel Barroso, the European Commission President said: “We will defend the euro, whatever it takes.”

And when he says 'whatever', he means whatever. Even if it involves the blatant misuse of the rules to get his way. 

The Telegraph reports that all 27 EU finance ministers have been summoned to Brussels on Sunday to sign up to a "European stabilisation mechanism". And by 'mechanism', they mean, 'give us more of your money".

Alistair Darling, the nearest thing we have to a Chancellor, will fly to Brussels for the meeting after promising to keep George Osborne and Vince Cable, his Tory and Lib Dem counterparts, informed.

But, of course, he's wasting his fucking time, isn't he? This is already a done deal.

Euro-zone leaders have decided, cunningly, that the shenanigans in Greece qualify as a 'natural disaster'. Why would they do that? Well, because then they can invoke article 122 of the thanks-very-much-Gordon Lisbon Treaty.

Which states that, in the event of a natural disaster, full-on democracy is put to one side, so that speedy, non-unanimous decisions can be taken. Which is just what the sneaky bastards have done.

While we were all staring at Sky News on Friday night, 16 of the Euro-zone leaders got together over dinner, and decided that they wanted a bail-out to save the Euro.

A bail-out in which Britain's liabilities will be 10 per cent - 10 per fucking cent.  If a country fails to repay, the cost to Britain would be 10 billion euro's for every 100 billion on which it defaulted.

You'd think we'd have a say in that, really, wouldn't you? But no. Monsieur Sarkozy, Frau Merkel and all their little euro-chums have had their get-together, and that's all that matters.

All that's needed is a simple majority, and that's already been sorted out.An un-named diplomat tells us how it is:

”The euro’s 16 countries have already agreed it - that’s a majority. It’s a fait accompli. Those not in the euro - Britain, Poland, Sweden and other new EU members - can’t stop this.

Under normal circumstances, our Government might have protested. And if they chose not to, the Opposition might have highlighted this blatant cheating. But of course, we don't have a fucking Government, do we? Or an opposition. Or anything at all, rather than a lot of exhausted chancers lying to one another.

So there'll be no protest. Darling will do as he's told, and George Osborne or Vince Cable or - heaven forbid - Ed Balls will have yet another fucking great turd on his plate on the day he takes office.

Thanks, Europe, very fucking much.



Dippyness. said...

NB: Media being very quiet on this one.

JohnRS said...

Dont look to CallMeDave to stop it either. He thinks the Sun rises and sets over Brussels and wont do a single thing to protect his own country.

If he had the balls he was born with he would release a statement that says "not a single penny, mate"....no chance though, this is definitely the shape of things to come.

Frank Davis said...

Of course it was a natural disaster. It coincided with the Icelandic volcano eruption, didn't it? Cause and effect.