Quote of the week

..and we're only halfway through Monday. But it's highly unlikely that anyone will top Mr Eugenides' righteous fury and frothing rage at our old friend Alistair Darling.

Darling's been up to his old tricks, Labour's old tricks: he's told the world that the ConDems are "..running a risk, in what's still a pretty fragile economy, in taking money out of the economy this year"

What say you, Mr Eu'?


Allowing taxpayers' money to stay in the pockets of the taxpayer is putting money in to the economy, McCockwipe, not taking it out. This is so fucking basic, Darling, that either you are a fucking moron or you are a liar. Which is it? Which?
Hear this, Darling. You have destroyed the public finances and demeaned the nation's governance. You have scorched the earth for your successors and ploughed salt into the ruins. You have fucked us so hard, Darling, that we will be walking bow-legged for a generation. How dare you put your mortician's face above the parapet. Have you no shame?

Fuck off, shut up, and leave us alone. We do not wish to hear from you, ever again."

CF could not have put it better himself.

Mr Eugenides, you gettin' it said.



Joe Public said...

Perhaps Darling's fiscal ignorance (from an ex-Chancellor of Exchequer!) explains why this country's fucked.

David said...

Bang on. I don't know how the guy sleeps at night.

Oh wait, I do. The whole policy of the last 12 months has been to royally fuck over a Tory government, to make the cuts worse to make people rail against them.

My real fear is that Mervyn King will be right- that the cuts this government have to make will make them unelectable for a generation.

And that means we'll be stuck with David fucking Milliband licking Mandelson's hairy shrivelled anus for another 15 years.

My God, when moving back to Australia- even with Kevin "chimp in a cheap suit" Rudd in charge- is preferable, we know we're screwed.

Simon Cooke said...

I don't wish to be churlish but our Darling is right - the money cncerned is not from today's taxpayers but from tomorrows ergo not making that borrowing takes money from the economy today (at the expense of the economy tomorrow). However, it's still all fantasy and we're headed for that plug hole!

Joe Public said...

Prudence - "acting with or showing care and thought for the future".

So Gordon got the soundbite, then dumped her for Viv Nicholson-style “spend, spend, spend”.

Mr Eugenides said...

I'm still angry all these hours later. God, I hate these people.

Captain Haddock said...

Failed Solicitor .. Failed Chancellor, Failed Politician .. will this cunt ever succeed at anything ?

I know Badger .. how about giving suicide a try ???

Anonymous said...

He is a lying moron.

Mrs Rigby said...

Why are the BBC giving him air time? They never used to give the 'opposition' a chance to speak out during the last government's term in office.