Britain - still a player on the world stage

Many people think that our Special Relationship with America is over.

That after Tony Blair was forced to get off of his knees and stop fellating George Dubya, the USA zipped up its 'pants' and turned its great fat back on us.

That after Gordon Brown chased Saint Obama all over the Whitehouse, begging "just a kiss, oh go on, juat a kiss", they thought just a little bit less of us.

But no. Enormous American conglomerate and money-grubbing censorship-monkeys Google don't think that. Even though they're sitting over there in California - on enormous mounds of dollar bills - they still know that there's a U of K out there.

They even know that we've got a General Election going. And, to mark the occasion they've changed their homepage:

So there you have it. Actual proof that America acknowledges our existence.

Kinda makes you proud, don't it?



Mark Wilson said...

erm...only on the UK homepage though. Presumably someone in Google UK did that.

Thomas Hobbes said...

aye, auto-magically morphs into when it works out where you are.

Remember, google knows where you live, where you work, and when you sleep.

Jon Lishman said...

Yerse. Some twat in London did that. Nice thought, though, CF.