Off your trolleys

Well done, Unite, you self-interested clique of imbeciles. Well done Derek Simpson, you pointless rabble-rouser.

Well done you mindless snack-vending sheep. A famous courtroom victory: you've 'won'; you've got your strike.

Now you can fully exercise your sacrosanct fucking rights to ruin your employer's business.Go on, teach Willie Walsh a lesson. With a bit of luck, he'll eventually lose his job - you'd like that, wouldn't you?

Willie can't keep the business profitable if you're all sunbathing in your own gardens, rather than sunbathing free of charge on a layover in Mauritius. Yeah, keep this up and he could be fired, and he'd have to either take another hugely well paid job or retire with all his millions. And that'll learn him, won't it? You morons.

But do get on with your strikes, won't you? Make sure you've made your point of principle clear, whatever it fucking well is. Never mind if you destroy the value of the business that pays you.

Go on, make sure that families never take the risk of having their half-tem ruined by booking their travel with BA - force 'em to all go with Easyjet.

Make sure that businesses never choose BA as their preferred carrier, because they can't be sure their staff will even make it to their meetings overseas. Let Air France ferry our eeevil bankers over the Atlantic.

Make sure that nobody in their right minds chooses to fly BA when there are other options available.

If you can strike frequently enough, and disrupt everything often enough, then perhaps you could even drive your employer into bankruptcy, or into the arms of the state. Perhaps the goverment will choose to prop up the 'too big to fail' national carrrier, and you can all become employees of the state, just at the time when state spending is being cut to the bone.

But, whatever you do, snack vendors, make sure you stick to your guns. After all, there important principles at stake here. Your perks, your freebie flights, are a basic human right, aren't they? Why should you forfeit them just because you keep trying to harm your employers business?

Don't worry about us - we'll go on holiday with Ryanair. We won't enjoy it much, but we'll get there, flying over your stupid empty heads as you picket Terminal 1 at Heathrow.

And then, when we see you in two years time, still serving snacks, but this time on the ground, in MacDonalds, you can be proud - you stood up for something important. You brought down a mighty corporation, you WON.

Just do whatever you want, and fuck the consequences, eh?

Oh, you are.



JuliaM said...

Bye bye, BA....

Constantly Furious said...

Damn, that would have been a better headline, JuliaM. Damn.

Obnoxio The Clown said...

Terminal 5, surely?

JohnRS said...

And today BA reveals figures even more ghastly than last time around, losses of over £500m this time.

Do the the shaved chimps hooting and grunting outside the High Court over their "success" have the faintest idea of the danger of total collapse their employer is now in? The Return of the Giant Ashcloud could happen any day; BA's losing vast amounts of money every day; holidaymakers and businesses are moving to other carriers every day; shareholders are getting increasingly restless and the trolley dollies are just mindlessly following the Unite dunderheads down the plughole to bankruptcy.

Willy Walsh will now have to do something radical to get his business back on its feet. Overpaying the Militant Snack Vendors (love that tag - was that one of Al J's?) will not be part of the solution. This is now a battle of wills for the survival of BA.

I don't envy him his task, but I wish him well in successfully winning this dispute.

Captain Haddock said...

They haven't just shot themselves in the foot .. they've jumped, both feet on top of the bloody landmine ..

Hairy Ricky said...

Turkeys voting for Christmas, digging your own grave, pick your cliché you brainless fuckwits. The highest paid, highest perked trolley dolleys in the airline business and during the biggest recession of a lifetime they refuse to give up comfy perks whilst other people lose their jobs altogether. Wave those banners all the way to the jobcentre you stupid morans. BA will go down the crapper, bust, bankrupt and it won't be Willie flipping burgers will it? No, he'll be laughing all the way to his next cocktail. After the pain they inflicted last year I decided like everyone else, I will never ever ever ever fly BA again. I'd rather fuckin walk! Bye Bye fuckwits.

DangerDave said...

Hi CF.

I'm a new reader to your blog and I love it.

I couldn't have summed up my thoughts about these fucking stupid, self defeating fuckwits if i tried.

In many ways, it would be great if BA went bust, then all of these fuckers would be out on the street. Claim your free flights and perks then you pricks.

dbmaverick said...

but it's up to them.

They can strike if they want to. And they have voted in favour of striking.

If it brings the company to its knees, so be it. There's always other carriers to fly with.

Anonymous said...

When will these idiots realise they have zero cunting sympathy from the public who will simply go to other carriers from now on. Ubber fuckwits !

Working Class & Not Liebour said...

"And then, when we see you in two years time, still serving snacks, but this time on the ground, in MacDonalds"

Another cheapshot at ordinary people who are prepared to work for a living in an ordinary job.

You sound like decent sort CF, so the following dosen't apply to you.

I would love to read in the media about newly out of work lefty "comedians" (the ones who view fast food outlet employees as a cheap laugh) apply to McD's or KFC for a job, and are humiliating told "WE'RE NOT THAT DESPERATE, NOW F*CK OFF!!!"

Working Class and Not Liebour said...

Working Class & Not Liebour said...

Oh dear, I must proof read (NO Ampersands!!!).

Corrected the title.

selsey.steve said...

@Hairy Ricky,
A 'moran' is a Masai warrior who's killed a lion. With a spear. And nothing else.
A 'morOn' is a BA Snack Vendor who's killed a Corporation. With a ballot tick. And no brain.

Indyanhat said...

But...but...but ..everyone should support them they're the British flag fliers....Yeah right!!! go fuck yourselves you dumb twats wreck your company, bite the hand that feeds you well...hey Willie got any jobs?