Schoolboys don't miss Registration

When you're only 10 years old, you don't usually have a proper signature. After all, you don't really need one. You can't have a credit card, you can't take out a mortgage, and you can't write a cheque, if even you actually know what one of those soon-to-be-historical items is.

But from now on, kiddies, you'd better practice your signature. Go on, get a piece a paper and decide how it's going to look. Have a practice scribble.

After all, you might well need it - even though you're only ten, you might need to sign the Sex Offenders Register. Yes, really.

Two ten year olds were yesterday found gulity of 'attempted rape' and made to do exactly that. As he ordered them to sign the sex offenders register, the judge Mr Justice Saunders said:

"I am not quite sure how it applies to children of this age."

Well, exactly. It's a fucking mockery. Will these two ten year olds be refused permission to work with other children, do you think? Will they be banned from swimming lessons in case they try to shag their classmates? For fuck's sake.

And given that is meaningless to get them to sign the register, Your Honour, why the fuck are you ordering them to do so? Are you just a helpless puppet, giving instructions with which you don't agree? Or are you a supposedly wise and experience member of the judiciary?

And not just some minor league player in Colchester either - this case was heard at the Old Bailey, for fucks sake. Why subject three kids to the Old Bailey, and a full on Jury trial?

Is there any chance it was a fair trial? The judge doesn't think so. He said, during the trial:

"I don’t think anyone who has sat through this trial would think for a moment that the system that we employ is ideal ..  we have a witness who said one thing and has now said completely the opposite

... if you had an adult witness who said what this girl said the Crown would not be proceeding"

But he didn't tell the Jury that. Oh no. And he allowed the case to proceed? Oh yes. Speaking about the trial after the verdict was delivered, the poor, helpless judge added

"I will at some stage be sending my views about the procedure to those who are most concerned with it."

Whoa! That'll put the fear of god into a few people, won't it? The knowledge that you 'will at some stage' share your views with some people. When? Who?

The Jury, who were given a majority direction by this poor, helpless judge, was not told that the judge had admitted to having misgivings about allowing the case to go ahead.

Admitted to having misgivings? Well why did you go ahead, you twat? CF aint no legal expert, but it seems unlikely that you absolutely had to try this case, that you weren't allowed to share your misgivings until after you'd gone through with the whole damn thing.

If that were the case, what the fuck is the judge for, for Christ's sake?



Joe Public said...

"..... we have a witness who said one thing and has now said completely the opposite."

Does that mean there's an impending prosecution for perjury?

If someone knows a crime has been committed, surely they have an obligation to report it!

JohnRS said...

I was quite unsure about this trial when it started, initally it seemed as if the accused might be the sort of children the Daily Fail is always warning us about. Then the defendant went from being victim to probable perjurer. It became clear that this wasnt a trial at all - not in any sense of the word that I understand.

Finally the red mist came down and I lost it with the whole establishment meat grinder that we were watching. It's taken three very young children, who seem to have only been playing the old "doctors and nurses" game, none of whom I believe really knows why they are there and chewed them up into unrecognisable fragments before spitting them out. I am so angry it's not true.

The more I see about this whole, sorry, sad affair the more I think the utterly incompetent and pointless CPS to start with, the prosecuting bully-barristers and finally Judge Alzheimer (or whoever) should be hung out to dry....or even just hung, for ruining all three lives.

What on earth did they all think they were doing? What did they think it would achieve? Did they even think at all? Any of them?

Are they proud of their results?

I hope not.

banned said...

Unspeakable fuckwittery from the CPS burycrats that will fail on appeal and, for once, I find myself agreeing with the fakecharity apologists who say that these children need support, not prosecution. No, actually I don't, they just need being left alone.