Oh bad luck, Gordon!

Gordon Brown and his army of advisors, spin doctors and sleaze merchants must be absolutely disgusted with their bad luck.

Just as their campaign - and Labour's time in Goverment - draws to an ignominious end, there's finally some good news from the empire.

Rockhopper Exploration oil and gas exploration company, down there in the Falklands, says it is..

"..pleased to announce that well 14/10-2 on the Sea Lion prospect has reached a depth of 2,744 metres .. and initial data indicates this well is an oil discovery.

"We are extremely excited by the results of this well. .. current indications are that we have made the first oil discovery in the North Falkland Basin

Yup, there's oil down there boys, below the rusting wreck of the Belgrano, underneath ten million tonnes of penguin shit.

Just imagine if we - and if Gordon - had found out about this two or three weeks ago. He could have - and would have - claimed abso-lewtly every last drop of credit for this:

"Thanks to British investment, in British industry, I have saved the world's oil supplies"

He and his little spin doctors could have featured the newly found oil in their ceaseless negative campaigning too:

"The Tories would have snatched this oil from hard-working families of Falklanders, and used it to fill up the 2,000 largest estates in the country with diesel"

But no, it was not to be. It was all just a few hours too late.

Bad luck, Gordon!



Anonymous said...

Down side is we might have to send another task force though.

JuliaM said...

Fate has it in for him, it seems...

We have to hope a large proportion of the electorate does too!

Catosays said...

@JuliaM..I always thought Mandy had it in for him, but I could have been mistaken.

Mrs Rigby said...

And, errm, it's been announced that there's a workable amount of gold at South Crofty in Cornwall.

Alan W said...

He would have borrowed like hell on the back of it and bought another election.

Mavis B Sausage said...

I really hope that the oil and the gold are a good omen....

BTS said...

They are Mavis - I've just discovered 6 litres of cider in my fridge. Should go nicely with the bottle of vodka and the dope I've stocked up with..