Election interlude

This from an email received yesterday:

"Dear CF, This is, perhaps, a folorn attempt, but I'm hoping that a neat coincidence of initials will overcome the perfectly understandable resistance of any blogger to endorsing charity appeals."

Huh? Oh right: Constantly Furious and .. Cystic Fibrosis

According to James, the sender, the only UK charity dedicated to every aspect of CF, from helping the families of the 8,500 sufferers adjust to diagnosis to funding cutting-edge research is the Cystic Fibrosis Trust.

He then gives some figures. Apparently, in 2008/9: the income of the UK’s leading feline charity 'Cats Protection' was £36.4 million; the income of the 'Donkey Sanctuary' was £27.2 million

So what was the income of the Cystic Fibrosis Trust? It was £9.3 million

That doesn't look good, does it? More on cats 'n' donkeys than on helping sufferers from this nasty condition? James continues:

"My 12-year old son, Michael, has decided to spend his forthcoming half term walking for 7 days .. a distance of 115 miles .. to raise money for the Cystic Fibrosis Trust

.. his 4-year old cousin, Maddie, was diagnosed with CF shortly after her 3rd birthday.

He has so far raised over £15,000..  What he - and the CF Trust - really need is for his efforts to go that little bit viral."

As James points out:

"If nothing else, it will make a slightly heartwarming interlude in the fairly depressing week ahead."

Go on, go and have a look. Tweet it, blog it. Give the guys a hand.



Anonymous said...

The tin man has a heart!

Good on ya....

the man who fell back to bed said...

nice one cf.

a few quid on the way from me.

Jill said...


Anonymous said...

The trend shows increasing interest for Donkey Sanctuaries. This is manily due to the growing amount of women coming out of bad relationships. Either that or they pig out to Sex and The City !

killemallletgodsortemout said...

Nice one, CF.

Donation on its way.

Well done.

Anonymous said...

Nice one CF, but a word of support for cats and donkeys-not one of them will ever become a Gordon Brown or a Hattie Harperson.

Kev said...

My money is fort he donkeys. they won't be claiming DLA

selsey.steve said...

Lobbed a few bob into the hat for the young 'un.
Good on you CF for posting the link.

Donkey Walloper said...

Do you think CF sufferers enjoy being eligible for DLA? If the CF Trust was able to raise enough money to fund and expand its research programme then in 20 years time it is quite possible that the quality of life of those newly diagnosed will be such that they do not need DLA. Of course, if you wish to perpetuate benefit dependency in future generations then by all means continue looking after the donkeys ...