Life's not fair, is it?

Annoying git Chris Evans - you know, him off of the radio, him that shagged the bird with the eyebrows off of Doctor Who - has just bought himself a car.

Quite an expensive car. A vintage Ferrari, a 1960's 250 GTO, for which Evans has just paid .. wait for it ... twelve million pounds. The BBC is all excited, asking 'How any car can cost that much money?' 'Why are classic cars so valuable?'

But there's a more fundamental question, isn't there? How the fuck has that gurning ginger twat got that much money? Is it perhaps because that very same BBC is pouring our licence fees into his quivering open hands?

How can a man who hosted a couple of wildly annoying television programmes a few years ago, who got fired from one radio station for being pissed all the time and then - of course! - returned to the BBC as a replacement for ol' avuncular Terry Wogan, afford to splash 12 million quid on a fucking car?

And it's not the first time either. The red-haired plonker spent 5 million on another Ferrari in 2008, for Christ's sake.

Lefties (and sycophantics on the right) bang on and on and fucking on about eeevil Banker's pay and bonuses being 'obscene' and 'undeserved'.

Why, the man now responsible for our Banks, our own Saint Vincent of Prescience, Vince Cable, said only recently that the City was a ..

"..a place of unfettered greed [which] rewards stupidity"

Really, Vince? What about Evans then? Google seems reticent regarding what the BBC pays him, but even Moira Stuart, who reads the news during the show, is said to make 1,700 per day. If that's what one of the assistants gets, Evans is surely on a shit load more.

Is it not 'unfettered greed' to want to be paid eleventy-ten thousand pounds - of our mandatory telly tax - a year for presenting a radio programme for housewives? Have any of  his shows - generally the height of 'stupidity' - gone unrewarded? Was 'Don't Forget Your Toothbrush' as valuable to the economy as the Financial Services sector in the 90's? Is 'TFI Friday' a greater contribution to the nation than Granny's ISA?

Is it fuck.



Chris Gilmour said...

Doesn't he own a very successful production company that sold the rights to shows such as Don't Forget Your Toothbrush and TFI Friday to hundreds of countries all over the world, possibly earning him more than his pay from the BBC?

Jill said...

Yes to above. You really do need to start researching before you start ranting. Not that I don't think the BBC pays its 'talent' far too much money, but even IIIIIIIIIIIIIII know Chris Evans made all his money off the back of his production company that put shows on CHANNEL 4. And I only watch political shows on TV. Duh.

A ten second research gives me the sale of Ginger Productions in 2000 for £225m. Enough for several cars, methinks.

Joe Public said...

"Moira Stuart, who reads the news during the show, is said to make 1,700 per day"

Yes, but she must be value-for-money, ticking both BME & Wimmin boxes simultaneously.

Anonymous said...

Because the BBC lives in a sort of adjacent universe, one in which oodles of money is guaranteed it doesn't really matter to them what they pay anybody. No embarrasing negotiating necessary. Just name your price Ginge/Wossy there's plenty of money. Is it any wonder that they will spin for any government likely to preserve this state of affairs. Is it any surprise that the usual luvvie suspects always come out in support of governments that are more likely to preserve this state of affairs. Social consciense my arse they want to keep the golden goose alive.

Mrs Rigby said...

The BBC is just his morning job, isn't it?

But, agree with you on principle - they earn far too much. Imagine what the license fee could be if people like him, and Ross etc, took a cut in wages.

banned said...

Fucking Telegraph devoted its third Lead on Friday to congratualting this cunt for improving on Tels viewing figures; maybe so but he did me a favour since his juvenile chatter obliged me to search the airwaves to find a better station which I have; unbelievably it comes out of the sandal wearing lentil munching local fucking Arts Centre but it is brilliant.