03:46am - A Lib Dem bucks the trend

In a world gone mad - as they say in the movie trailers - and in a land where the old rules don't apply, one Lib Dem has broken with the trend.

In a general election where the Clegg bubble has burst dramatically ('Where's your bubble gone? Where's your bubble gone?), virtually all swings are either Lab. to Con., or Lib Dem to Con.

Congratulations, then, to Sebastian Kindersley for this:

Yes, he managed - against a Tory 'big beast', on an evening when the swings are universally to the Tories - to close the gap on a long-established MP on his own first outing.

And he managed to get over 20,000 people to put their cross against his name - a sufficient amount to win in many constituencies.

It just shows what you can do with a strong, locally focussed campaign, and a lot of footwork.

(And, of course, with the eldest CF-ette telling, knocking up and helping at HQ - that's what swung it)