Tomorrow's your chance to vote. CF will spare you all the sanctimonious guff about not wasting your franchise - you already know all that, and you'll make up your own mind.

You'll make up your own mind on how to vote too - you'll get no direction, no advice, here.

So, spoil your ballot paper if you fancy - just don't delude yourself that anyone will notice. It's a bit of paper with a cock drawn on it, and it's in the bin now.

Vote along party lines if you like - yeah, vote for the colour that you think comes closest to representing your political philosophy.

Vote on traditional lines if you want to - you can vote for the party your dad voted for, your families vote for, your mates wherever-you-choose-to-drink vote for.

Or vote for a person. Someone you believe will make the effort, be a good local MP, represent your interests.

Personally, CF is voting for someone he considers to be a good guy, someone who will 'give back', someone who isn't a 'career politician', someone who - although he has slim chance this time around - will one day, perhaps next time - make it. And be a bloody good representative of his constituents. Which is, after all, what an MP is supposed to be about.

So, CF will put a cross against an individual's name. Even though his party's policies are a heap of festering, ill-thought-out shite. But then, which party's aren't?

Vote however your conscience, heart, head or drunken whim dictates.

Just don't, whatever the fuck you choose to do, vote Labour; of all the many mainstream party candidates, minor party candidates and independents on offer, Labour do not deserve your vote.

Off you go...



Dick Puddlecote said...

Said something similar myself.

mungle said...

I will vote for any candidate who is most likely to keep Labour out. Anyone at all, even the greens if necessary although it wont come to that in my neck of the woods. With me it really is a case of ANYONE but Gordon!!

John Demetriou said...

CF is saying he's voting Tory.

A great choice for a raging libertarian. Obviously.


Constantly Furious said...

@J Demetriou

"CF is saying he's voting Tory."

And exactly where did I say that, you poor confused, semi-literate, Daily Mail-reading, tendentious imbecile?

Yes, nowhere. Because I'm not.


Mrs Rigby said...

Well said CF.

Disenfranchised of Buckingham said...

Can't dilute the tory vote here.

Anyway good riddence to Bercow and his liebour slut, I hope.

UKIP for me.

Anonymous said...

For once, hailing from the festering shithole that is Bradford, I feel sorry for the rest of the country.

I will willingly and proudly put my X next to the name of Philip Davies...shame he's Conservative...

John Demetriou said...

lol, Mail reading?

You are a sad, sad man, CF. Good luck tomorrow, you chubby faced fuckwit extraordinaire.

RJ said...

"Disenfranchised of Buckingham said...
Can't dilute the tory vote here.

Anyway good riddence to Bercow and his liebour slut, I hope.

UKIP for me."

Ah the one exception. I hope the slimy sack of shit gets told to "jog on". Him and his "any alley Sally" hypocrite Cherie Blair-wannabe bitch.
Go Farage!

Intruder said...

J Demetriou said...


and you think you can get away with calling other people sad?