Has ever a man...

... taken so, so very long to shoot himself - and his party - in the foot?

So, Cleggy, your talks with Labour and the hilarious Rainbow Coalition are over. Done. "Have not and will not reach any positive conclusion.."

And your talks with the Tories, lil' Nick? Well the Tory leader says he's "..in the dark".

So, who are you talking to now? Anyone?

Or have you managed to snatch ignominious defeat from the jaws of cynically-achieved victory?



The Network said...

Well done clegg you've shown yourself to be the cunt you are

Jill said...

I don't think so. All this has said to me that iDave and his mob are desperate for a coalition, not a confidence and supply agreement. I could be wrong though!

Anonymous said...

As I said the other day, there appears to be a bigger game afoot. Reported today, the Labour offer to the LibDems was the Labour manifesto, no dealing, no compromise.

What an amazing coup for the Labour BigWigs (or the EU architects?). Brown (their biggest handicap) gone. Darling signs up the UK to even more debt. A Lib / Con coalition that will start the painful recovery plans and they both get all the blame, they will fall out eventually (orchestrated by Clegg), the Cons will try to run a minority government, they will fail. An election is called and the new NuLab poster boy leader sweeps into power with a majority, voted for by the imbeciles that can't understand basic arithmetic, never mind economics.

Peter Handlemysnake, gets the EU Foreign minister job as a reward.

I hope to fuck I am wrong.

Anonymous said...

well at least there's lots for political commentators to talk about. With so much talk about who will be king the media is missing some other interesting dimensions. For example, I’m surprised that there hasn’t been more discussion about the major transition between generations we are witnessing in the leadership of our country. After years of Baby Boomer Prime Ministers, and a Boomer-dominated Parliament, we now have a new generation in charge: Generation Jones…the previously lost generation between the Boomers and Generation X. We’ll probably have a GenJones PM in Cameron, or ultimately in David Miliband or Jon Crudas and Parliament now as more Jonesers than Boomers. Similar transitions have happened in other Western countries and it provoked a lot of media interest. In fact, it got so much media buzz after Joneser Barack Obama came to power that the associated Press labelled Generation Jones as the #1 trend of 2009.
This commentary about GenJones in The Independent last week has a very interesting take on the meaning of Clegg and Cameron’s identities as GenJonesers: http://www.independent.co.uk/opinion/commentators/jonathan-pontell-cleggs-rise-is-the-sound-of-generation-jones-clearing-its-throat-1961191.html

I also found this site worth looking at to get a quick sense of GenJones in the UK:

Anonymous said...

CF,i would describe clegg the dreg as a weasel not a man.

Anonymous said...

Rejoice,Rejoice,Rejoice, now can we have our country back?Fuck off back to jockland you odious twat,and let us pick up the pieces.

Anonymous said...

Toodle-ooooo, mother fuckeerrs!

Why exactly does Dumbleby keep obsessing with how "posh" Cameron is and inferring he can't hack it!

Cos Liebore have done such a bang up job so far!

Mrs Rigby said...

@ Anon 20:54

Dimbleby is not a happy chap, and it showed.

Anonymous said...

Oh dear........what a shame.....a real pity....Dumbleby unhappy ...bless

ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha

i must stop now....it feels too good! :)